Student housing: the “Génération Coloc” platform is a hit!

A Toulousain has just launched a perfect platform to help with student accommodation. This one is called “Generation Coloc” and is a hit!

In addition to having to find an establishment for each start of the school year, students have another mission. That of finding student accommodation that can suit them. Whether by surface area, aesthetics … But also and above all, the cost. This is why “Génération Coloc” should help many in the future.

The difficulty of finding the right fit

But before talking to you about this new concept, maybe we should come back to another concern. The big one difficulty finding the accommodation of “your dreams”. Indeed, being a student, it turns out to be quite hard these days.

Fortunately, some cities help young people find student accommodation. This remains the case for La Rochelle, for example. The city knows the problems faced by young people. And so put several solutions at their disposal.

Many young people have to work in the summer to earn money. They therefore do not have time to find their future “at home”. It is for example the case of Jeremy. Who admitted to having taken it “a little late”. The latter making it known:

“There I have a lead. But it is still not concluded ”. While waiting for the final answer, he therefore found a solution. So as not to sleep outside… The time to have an answer for his studio or his apartment.

So he went to his friend’s 18 m2 to live together : « There is only one bed. I sleep on an inflatable mattress. It is not very comfortable. But it’s always better than nothing. “ It remains to be seen how long this friend will accept him at his place.

Faced with this concern for student accommodation, the city has therefore made a choice that we can welcome. That of appealing to the owners. One of which is unused. Thanks to that, many young people were able to find a room to be able to settle down.

Student housing: the platform "Generation Roommate" is a hit!
Student housing: the “Génération Coloc” platform is a hit!

“Génération Coloc” to help with student accommodation

But cities could well be inspired by a great concept. Concept imagined by a student from Toulouse. Indeed, as is known The Dispatch, Clément Aliaga proposed a solution. And this one could make the happiness of many people.

The latter therefore offers, through “Generation Coloc”, for young people aged 18 to 30, to cohabit with seniors. Its platform allowing a connection. In order to find student accommodation with less difficulty.

According to our colleagues, since August, about twenty students are said to have registered. But also 4 people over 60 years old. But people cannot welcome young people as they see fit. Certain criteria must be met.

Like having a guest room of at least 9 square meters. A minimum area for a room. The young man behind this project, let the media know: “This system has several advantages”.

Before adding: « besides the low rent … The elderly person finds a benevolent presence with him. The latter is also called upon to render services. In exchange for a modest consideration for student accommodation. “

Remains to know if other cities will use it. In order to best help young people in need.