Street Fighter 6 How To Taunt

Street Fighter 6 How To Taunt:

In Street Fighter 6, taunting doesn’t help you win, but it makes you look cool and gives you the confidence to break your opponent’s will. Which button, though, is the Taunt button?

This page is a full guide to taunting in Street Fighter 6, with instructions for both the Modern as well as Classic control schemes.

Taunt is a common feature in fighting games, as well as Street Fighter 6 was no different. Since it came out, the latest game in a famous fighting game series has been breaking records, and people have been searching for ways for making it more fun.

One of them is mocking, which is very annoying, especially to enemies. To do this, you need to take a few steps. Don’t worry, though; these steps aren’t hard at all. You’ll learn how to use the taunt within Street Fighter 6 by reading this guide.

With Street Fighter 6, Capcom did it again. With its sixth major game, the famous beat-em-up series has once again surprised people.

In our review, we said that it was the shooter “that has it all” as it keeps improving on the winning recipe that has kept the game’s fame sky-high for almost 40 years.

How To Pick On:

In Street Fighter six, you have to press all of the punch as well as kick buttons at the same time while moving Left, Right, or Down. This is called a taunt. If you flick up, it won’t work because the figure will jump.

If done right, the character will use one of the three Taunts in fight. Each one is aimed in a different way. From a neutral position, the character will additionally execute one of the taunts.

The problem in this way of teasing is that it can be hard to time it right, and if you don’t, one of a number of moves will happen. There is a simple way to fix this, though you’re able to rebind your keys to make a Taunt button.

L3 And R3 Buttons Are Not Assigned To Any Move:

By default, the L3 as well as R3 buttons in Street Fighter 6 don’t do anything, so they can be used as your Taunt button. This can also be done with certain high-end consoles that have extra buttons upon the back.

The people who made Street Fighter 6 didn’t make it easy to taunt, at least not at first glance. However, you can change the settings to make it easier for yourself.

Just make sure that your settings are set up the way you’d like them to be before you go into an online fight. You don’t want to waste your Drive Gauge if all you want to do is make your enemy look stupid.

This Built-In Way Is Hard To Do With Modern Controls:

This built-in way is hard to do with Modern Controls as well as takes a long time even for classical players. There is an easy way to fix this, though. In the Edit Control Mapping section of the Control Settings, you can map Taunt to whatever button you want.

Street Fighter 6 is now available for Xbox Series X|S, PS4/PS5, PC, and PS4/PS5. This amazing entry in the popular fighting game series has a huge amount of single-player and online content for players of all skill levels.

Now that you know how taunts work, head to the Battle Hub and play some games. And if you want to get better at games, check out our lists of the best Xbox controls and the best fighting sticks.

Stunned The Opponent Before You Perform The Taunts:

Before you say the taunts, you should think about a few things. Most taunts are long, so make sure your opponent is stunned before you use one.

Many of the fighters within the game have taunt movements that take a long time. If your opponent isn’t shocked, you can’t stop them once they start, which can be a problem. For example, Lili’s taunt can stop things like the Hadoken.

Each Character Have 3 to 4 Taunts:

In Street Fighter 6, each character has three or four taunts. It’s not as hard as it seems to do these moves. To do this, you have to start a fight, press everything the fight buttons at the same time, and then press a direction button.

You have to press left or right while hitting the punch as well as kick buttons to do the other two. By doing these things, you can shame your opponent within the game while making the street fight more interesting.

Classic Controls

1st Taunt Neutral + Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch,
2nd Taunt Forward + Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch
3rd Taunt Back + Light Kick, Medium Kick, Heavy Kick, Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch

Modern Controls

1st Taunt Neutral + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
2nd Taunt Forward + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
3rd Taunt Back + Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack


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