Stranger Things: the actor of Vecna ​​patient to bring the villain to life!

The actor who plays Vecna ​​in the series Stranger Things has shown a lot of patience for the creation of the villain. We tell you everything.

Vecna ​​arrives in Stranger Things! The actor of new fantasy series monster showed a lot of patience for the creation of his character! MCE TV tells you more.

Stranger Things’ new monster

For the past few days, fans of the series Stranger Things have been able discover new episodes of their favorite series. The 4th season of the show worn by Millie Bobby Brown is indeed online on the Netflix streaming platform. At least the first episodes.

Indeed, part of the new season of Stranger Things is still missing. But do not panic ! The fans can find out more of their favorite series from July 1st.

This new season has also marked the fans who were waiting for it for a very (too) long time! It is therefore a real pleasure for them to find their favorite characters.

Especially since the producers of the series have spoiled them with episodes that are no less than an hour long! Another big surprise, a new character has entered in the series Stranger Things.

Warning, the rest of this article contains some spoilers. Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max face a return of evil forces and actually discover that there was a new villain in the upside down.

The latter has the power to enter the heads of its victims and suck their energy in order to gain strength. For several episodes, we don’t really understand where does this new monster come from. But we understand at the end that it all started in the laboratory.

Hours of makeup

The new monster that is all the rage in the Stranger Things series is physically impressive! He is also the actor Jamie Campbell Bower who plays VecnaPeter Ballard in the series.

To slip into the skin of this villain, the 33-year-old actor trusted makeup artist Barrie Gower. Moreover, the latter posted a video of the preparation of the character on his Instagram account.

After long hours of work and makeup, the result is impressive! As you can see in the video posted earlier in this article.

The young actor for his part had to be patient during this meticulous work. Besides, in the video, we even see the actor from Stranger Things pass the time by phoning someone. We also see him sipping a drink or playing on his phone.

The result is absolutely surprising! The actor is totally unrecognizable. Moreover, the villain created for season 4 of Stranger Things has served its purpose well.

It has also had its small effect on the fans of the series! Indeed, the latter entrusted that they felt anguished when they saw him.

According to some fans, Vecna ​​would have been present from the start of the series. A theory that could hold water. In any case, you may have understood it, but of a young man hears the sound of the clock, that means he is under the influence of Vecna! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the story has in store for him.


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