Stranger Things: how does season 4 of the Netflix series end?

Season 4 of Stranger Things has just delivered its verdict. So how does this end? The answer below.

Many were waiting for him. Indeed, several weeks after the release of part 1, Part 2 of Stranger Things was finally available on Netflix. Fans were able to discover the outcome of season 4. And some were no doubt surprised…

Season 5 coming soon?

Might as well warn you right away, if you haven’t seen anything yet, stop reading at this level. It would be a shame to spoil the end of a series that you love and have been waiting for so long. So to avoid the spoiler, we stop there!

But if some don’t care and want to find out right away how Season 4 of Stranger Things ends, you can continue without worry. If many expected it, it must be said that this final had already leaked a bit. Whether on the networks, or on the indiscretions of the actors.

On the set of the Tonght Show, the interpreter of Dustin gave for example some clues at the end of season 4. “The eighth episode is probably an hour and a half long”. He let go at first to confirm the length of the episodes.

Before specifying: “But episode nine is closer to two and a half hours. It’s a film. These are almost nine films. They all last almost an hour and a half – all over an hour. You will learn a lot of things”.

But then, have we really learned a lot? Did the fan theories come true ? The answer is in the following lines. Because yes, the fans were numerous to speculate on the end of season 4.

From the craziest to the most sensible, the theories went in all directions. But no need to keep you waiting any longer. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss in the final episodes of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things: how does season 4 of the Netflix series end?
Stranger Things: how does season 4 of the Netflix series end?

Stranger Things season 4 ending.

As a reminder, the two groups were separated from the beginning. As Joyce went looking for Hopper, Mike and Will happened to be with Jonathan and Eleven. While Lucas, Dustin, Max, or even Steve were together.

But thanks to his powers, Eleven will manage to find Vecna ​​to protect Max, the villain target of this season of Stranger Things. On the other hand, the situation is a little more complicated for Eddie and Dustin.

Moreover, the first risk of saddening many fans… Present only since this season, he will unfortunately find the died in the last episodes… In the arms of Dustin… We don’t prefer to tell you more. And yet, there would still be many things to reveal to you.

What we can only tell you is that Vecna ​​is making a big reveal to Eleven ahead of Season 5. He reportedly hooked up with the Mind Flayer years ago. His plan ? Make Hawkins the realm of darkness as Seriously notes.

It remains to be seen what the Duffer brothers have in store for us for season 5. Now, all the fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of this story which is so fascinating. And according to the latest rumors, it could arrive much sooner than expected.


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