Stranger Things actor confesses

Today, Stranger Things is unquestionably one of Netflix’s most popular series. While the streaming giant just released the fourth season in two parts a few weeks ago, the series has broken all records. It is therefore difficult to imagine that at the beginning, the team of Stranger Things was not betting on the longevity of the series. And yet…

The success of Stranger Things was unexpected

Real hen with golden eggs, Stranger Things is probably the favorite series of subscribers to the Netflix platform. Despite the years and seasons, the series is still of such good quality. You only have to see the fourth season, which surprised and seduced more than one spectator, to be convinced. This last season has simply exploded all Netflix audience records.

From the broadcast of the first season in the summer of 2016, moreover, the success is there on Netflix. Subscribers quickly fall under the spell of this atmosphere of the 80s, of the nostalgia of this era, of the mystery around Hawkins, of this gang of children on bicycles, of the Upside Down World, of Eleven and her nose that bleeds… Despite ingredients that seem to us to be obvious winners, the team of Stranger Things thought the series would flop when it was released.

Indeed, during an interview with BBC One, David Harbor confides that he did not expect the success of Stranger Things. Far from it, even. The interpreter of Sheriff Hopper did not give much of the skin of the series during the filming of the first season.

“I didn’t think we would have a second season. We would have been the first Netflix series to not have a second season. We thought no one would be watching and it would be a disaster.”, he recalls during the interview. Even her hairstylist on set told her she didn’t think the show would work. For good reason, the one who plays Jim Hopper on the small screen explains that Netflix had not given them a very large envelope to bring this project to life. David Harbor talks about a budget of about 20 dollars to make the line bigger. Like what…

So yes, of course, it’s always hard to project yourself when you’re working on a new series. But the team of Stranger Things was literally light years away from imagining what the future held for this original program. Today, the series is chaining records and fans are already impatient to discover the fifth season in two years. If this season will also be the last, rest assured: the Duffer brothers are working on several spin-offs to make the fun last.



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