Stranger Things 4: release date, cast, everything we know for the moment

Stranger Things 4 is back on track! If you haven’t followed season 3 yet, run away because small spoilers could creep in here and there. But we will try to limit ourselves mainly to the practical information which is already circulating on season 4. So, let’s go!

Despite three full seasons, Hawkins and the Upside Down are far from having revealed all their secrets. If Stranger Things Season 3 has left you with the urge to embark on the sequel to the adventures of your favorite characters, then good news. Season 4 will soon hit Netflix despite a filming disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. In this article, you will find all the practical information relating to this fourth act of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 4: filming and when to release?

Season 4 was initially due for release in 2020. But due to the coronavirus crisis, filming had to be stopped last March. At the time, actor David Harbor (Hopper) said during a live Instagram: “I believe that the new episodes were due out at the beginning of next year (…) but it will probably be postponed. ” After a long hiatus, the filming of season 4 of Stranger Things was finally able to resume last October as announced by Netflix on Twitter.

Then, the filming of season 4 of Stranger Things was once again disrupted by restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of March. Gaten Matarazzo, Dustin in the series, had explained that the filming schedule was again very unstable. Thus, it is likely that the series will land in 2022, or at least at the end of 2021.

Quel casting pour Stranger Things 4 ?

The clique of high school students with extraordinary experiences is still there and our favorite characters have grown up in Hawkins. As for the cast, one of the characters that raised a little doubt about his presence in Stranger Things 4 was Jim Hopper (David Harbor). Is he really dead? Let the fans be reassured, it is not. His presence has indeed been confirmed in a video teaser. We can see the sheriff imprisoned in a Russian camp. Here are the other actors that we will find:

  • Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)
  • Mike (Finn Wolfhard)
  • Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo)
  • Will (Noah Schnapp)
  • Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin)
  • Max (Sadie Sink)
  • Steve (Joe Keery)
  • Nancy (Natalia Dyer)
  • Jonathan (Charlie Heaton)
  • Robin (Maya Hawke)
  • Joyce (Winona Ryder)
  • Erica (Priah Ferguson)

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According to TVLine, new protagonists could also be part of the game. They would be teenagers with rather varied profiles, namely a cannabis lover, a star athlete from his high school as well as a metal buff. In addition, Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones) will camp a Russian guard who could come to the aid of Hopper. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) will play the role of an asylum resident, Entertainment Weekly advance.

Stranger Things 4 : quelle intrigue ?

We are no longer in Hawkins

The famous small town of the State of Indiana in the Midwest of the United States was the scene of the first three seasons of Stranger Things in a typical 80s spirit. Netflix has, however, already confirmed that season 4 should transport us elsewhere than in Hawkins. Or exactly ? In the world upside down?

Little information has been leaked on the scenario. But we know, however, that part of the plot will take place in the snowy landscape of Russia. A trailer unveiled by Netflix shows Hopper in particular. Shaved head, he is a prisoner in a cold Russian military camp. We can therefore imagine that his friends Will, Mike, Eleven, Dustin will get down to rescue him while Russian scientists work hard to uncover the mysteries of the Upside Down.

At the end of the teaser, we can hear a horrific noise echoing. It could well be the work of the Demogorgon. A plausible hypothesis, the Duffer brothers having thus evoked the “Dangers both human … and others” that Hopper will face. Moreover, a second teaser, this time about Eleven, was also released by Netflix. This one tells us that we will learn more about his past in season 4. In particular on the experiments which they underwent in the laboratory of Hawkins.

What about the mysterious Hellfire Club?

In addition, note that the Twitter account of the series has published several photographs from the shooting. We see in particular the symbol of the Hellfire Club. This one is composed of a demon surrounded by a flaming sword, a scourge of weapons and polyhedral dice. This is an explicit reference to Dungeons and Dragons, a game very popular with the characters.

For information, the Hellfire Club does exist in Marvel comics. He is formed by antagonists of the X-Men who manage to kidnap several mutants. They manage in particular to manipulate Phoenix which will ultimately transform into Dark Phoenix after having escaped their grip. In season 4 of Stranger Thing, it could well be a club bringing together followers of Dungeons and Dragons. Will this association succeed in perverting the characters through the famous game?

What is certain is that Stranger Things 4 promises to be one of the best seasons in the series. The interruption of filming for several months due to the coronavirus allowed the Duffer brothers to refine the script details. So, “The quality of the scripts for this season 4 will be exceptional, perhaps even better than ever”. Darkness and terror should also be present. According to Finn Wolfhard (Mike), this will notably be “the darkest season” of Stranger Things. We can’t wait to see the result!


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