Strange bug in Warzone completely ruins audio

Being able to clearly hear footsteps and other audio signals on Warzone is essential to clear your way to victory., but it’s not an easy task, especially when a bug gets in the way.

Since the launch of Season 1, Warzone players have had to deal with multiple problems ranging from the omnipresence of cheaters, visibility problems to bugs all stranger than each other.

Now it is the audio of the battle royale that seems to be affected. Indeed, for some time a weird bug visibly prevents players from hearing anything after killing opponents.

Warzone Season 1

Warzone and Vanguard Season 1 launch roadmap

Testimonies highlighting this problem have multiplied on Reddit, causing a real outcry from players. After all, audio is an important part of battle royale, anything that disturbs it can only put players at a disadvantage.

Frustrating bug makes Warzone players deaf

Reportedly, the problem that “Muffle sounds” would be present in both solo and duo modes, both on consoles and on PC. Failing to be able to count on a fix, the players multiplied the D systems, but nothing helped.

“It happened to me, I got a new controller and I had my headphones plugged in, so I thought it was the audio jack that was broken”, wrote a player.

As players began to despair, a smart kid may have found a quick fix. “You have to get stunned or flashed to fix the problem”, he suggested. Apparently, this can temporarily fix the audio problem.

It only remains to hope that the developers will fix the problem in a future update.


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