Step By Step Guide To Acquiring The Gloom Sword In Tears Of The Kingdom

Step By Step Guide To Acquiring The Gloom Sword In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Gloom Sword The Legend of Zelda: Twilight of the Guardians provides its players with access to a vast Armory of different weapons, all of which may be acquired in a number of different methods, from fusing materials to just discovering them.

Some may be acquired exclusively through vanquishing certain bosses in the game. The player character within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has access to a vast arsenal of weapons, armor, and a variety of things that may be looted and equipped.

Each one comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks and may be obtained in a certain fashion. The following is a walkthrough for obtaining the Gloom Sword within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, in addition to an explanation of its benefits for Link.

Players who have played previous Zelda games will find that the forces of fire, ice, as well as shock were all too familiar during Tears of the Kingdom. However, a new component known as Gloom was introduced to ToK, and it caused players’ brains to become filled with terror.

This mixture of sloppy painter’s red and black sludge enjoys sucking the life of those victims who are unaware of its presence and briefly stealing their hearts.

Where Exactly May I Get The Sword Of Gloom?

Players of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom need to track down and vanquish Phantom Ganon before they may get the powerful Gloom Sword in the game.

Phantom Ganon was a kind of foe that appears at several locations around the map. Look for regions that are close to chasms and mounds of gloom while trying to find him.

Following that, you will be confronted with gloomy Hands which will attempt to harm you. After you have vanquished all of them, Phantom Ganon will appear.

Jumping backwards to initiate a flurry rush anytime Phantom Ganon makes an attack is the most effective strategy for defeating him.

Alternately, you may go as far away from him as you can and shoot him with arrows that have been fused together. When Phantom Ganon is vanquished, he will leave behind a Gloom Sword.

The Gloom Sword is a melee weapon that can be used with one hand and has a basic attack of 41 with a durability of 15. Its one-of-a-kind effect, known as the Gloom Toll, causes the wielder to succumb to gloom over time.

Everywhere The Phantom Ganon Can Be Found:

If you are determined to locate and destroy Phantom Ganon in order to obtain the Gloom Sword, the following are a few areas where Gloom Hands will spawn:

  • Hyrule Ridge,
  • Korok Forest,
  • Tabahl Woods,
  • Eastern Abbey,
  • Lindor’s Brow Cave,
  • Hyrule Castle Docks,
  • Akkala Citadel Ruins,
  • North Lomei Labyrinth,
  • Great Hyrule Forest Depths,
  • Great Plateau Forest of Spirits,
  • Near the peak of Mount Lanyuru.

The Strategy Behind Defeating The Phantom Ganon?

After you have vanquished the Hands and succeeded in calling forth the Phantom Ganon from the cave within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom,

you are going to be able to vanquish him if you first equip at least two Gloom-resistant pieces of armor and a weapon with long or mid-range range, such as a Claymore or a spear, and then get close to him while avoiding his rushes and projectiles. This will allow you to win the battle.

To be more exact, we suggest that you keep just far enough away from Phantom Ganon so that you may escape the Gloom surrounding him for the most part, but not so far away that you give him a chance to attack.

When you have determined the optimal distance, your attention should be on maintaining that distance while also drawing closer for between three and five hits whenever the chance arises.

Always remember to keep your health up and leap as much as possible so that you may avoid or escape the Gloom, activate the Flurry Rush, and heal as often as possible.


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