Steam Deck: not delivered before 2022, the console is already selling at a high price on eBay

Valve’s recently announced “Pocket PC”, the Steam Deck, will not be available until 2022. While interested parties can already register for the option to purchase it at a later date, some speculators are trying already reselling the console at a high price on resale sites.

Steam Deck scalpers
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After the RTX 3080, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, now speculators are interested in the new portable console from Valve, intended to compete with the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck. On eBay, the console is already selling at a high price. Available for purchase from 419 euros, some resellers do not hesitate to offer it at more than 2500 euros. And yet, it will not be delivered until early 2022 in the best case.

Not yet sold, the Steam Deck already listed at more than three times its price on eBay

The Steam Deck was revealed by Valve on July 15, and the next day the company had opened an online site for people to deposit a few bucks to sign up and have the option to purchase one. As a reminder, the Steam Deck is a kind of pocket PC resembling a Nintendo Switch, based on Linux and Proton, which will allow you to play all its Steam games. The basic model is offered at 419 euros.

On July 16, during the first hour of the store opening, and after Valve started accepting these pre-registrations, things quickly turned around. People started seeing a lot of error messages, before Valve’s servers went down. Everything was finally back to normal and it quickly became easy to pre-register in order to pre-order a Steam Deck.

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Registration fees unfortunately will not have stopped the speculators, who did not waste a second to pre-register en masse and flood eBay with offers to buy the Steam Deck at indecent prices, some of which charge up to 2,500 euros. Here is an example with this announcement, based in France, offering a Steam Deck at 1000 euros …

Many of these ads falsely claim to be “pre-sales” or “confirmed pre-orders”. Others are promising that the Steam Deck will ship in December, which is totally wrong there too. ” We hope to be able to start sending out order invitations in December 2021. We will do our best to ensure that all reservations can be converted to orders, but we cannot guarantee this. Valve indeed indicates on its FAQ.

Fortunately, eBay has already started removing these ads. This is because these violate the website’s “Presale Policy”, which states that all presale items must be shipped within 30 days, which is absolutely not the case with Valve’s Steam Deck.


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