Starfield: release date, gameplay, trailers, what to expect?

Starfield is Bethesda’s first original RPG in almost 25 years. Almost three years after its announcement, we’re finally getting some new details about the game at E3 2021 and when you can expect to play it. Release date, gameplay, trailers, what to expect?

Starfield Bethesda
Starfield Bethesda

Three years after its revelation, the video game Starfield was finally unveiled at E3 2021. It is the next RPG-type game from Bethesda, but also the first title of its kind that the ZeniMax Media subsidiary has developed in nearly 25 years. We have gathered and listed below all the information we could find about him. Here’s everything we know about Bethesda’s upcoming RPG, Starfield.

What is the release date for Starfield? On which platforms?

The release date of Starfield is the November 11, 2022. It will be available on Windows PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and as part of Xbox Game Pass from day one. It is currently a Microsoft exclusive and therefore, its release is not planned on PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

Some time ago, Pete Hines, manager at Bethesda, apologized to the players at GameSpot regarding Microsoft exclusivity. ” If you are a huge fan of what we create and a game we create is no longer available on your platform, I fully understand if you are unhappy or pissed off. I get it, these are all real feelings and frustrations “. Indeed, owners of a PlayStation 5 will have no choice but to buy an Xbox Series or a PC to be able to enjoy it.

In itself, Starfield it’s nothing new. In 2018, Todd Howard said the project was out of preproduction and is currently in a playable state, internally. The teaser presented at E3 2018 was primarily designed to give us an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the game. Here it is.

What will Starfield’s gameplay be like?

Starfield will be ” like Skyrim in space According to Todd Howard, executive producer. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know much about the history of Starfield. Speaking to Washington Post, Todd Howard said that the game will be an action-RPG type The Elder Scrolls which will have factions. Constellation, a group of human explorers, will also be the main one. And the only one known to date.

« It’s like NASA meets Indiana Jones who meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A group of people who are always looking for answers ”Said Todd Howard. ” There are a lot of factions in the game but [Constellation est] the main one of which you will be part. It’s kind of like Skyrim in terms of the structure of the game, where you’re going to be who you want to be. And then there are different factions that you can also join in order to really carve your own way. ».

This is only speculation at this point, but we should finally expect some stellar fights. The trailer (bottom of the article) shows a console of a spaceship with: MISS (missiles) and HOT (weapons ready).

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There is also a button for shields (SHLD) and another for powering the ship. Unless it is purely cosmetic items, chances are that

Todd Howard had indicated at the end of 2019 that the team had visited the premises of SpaceX to bring ” authenticity “To the game. He had mentioned, for example, the nuclear propulsion of ships, which will use helium 3. However, Starfield should not be confused with a rocket engineering simulation. ” We have to play a little Howard said, so it’s not as punitive as real space travel ».

Finally, just like the games Fallout and Skyrim et Bethesda, Starfield will be playable both first and third person.

What types of graphics can you expect? Will it be moddable like Skyrim?

The trailer begins with the words “ Alpha Game Images | Creation Engine 2 Which appear on the screen. And Bethesda has confirmed that Starfield would be the first game to be developed using a brand new graphics engine, aptly named Creation Engine 2.


We don’t know much about Creation Engine 2, or how much it differs from the engine that Bethesda has been using and updating for years for all of their productions, from Skyrim at Fallout 76. Since Bethesda’s RPGs are highly moddable, we hope Creation Engine 2 continues the tradition.

Starfield: teaser, trailers and trailers

Here is the trailer released by Bethesda during E3 2021. It is not very long


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