Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – La star des étoiles obtient son remake

It’s been a long time since we know the legendary Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR for close friends) prepare for its big comeback, in one form or another. Some were waiting for a simple remaster, before Jason Shreier confirmed the existence of a remake a few months ago. A “confirmation” which is no longer to be doubted – if it ever was – since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake just announced during the PlayStation Showcase.

If it is necessary to be satisfied with a simple teaser for the moment, the effect is not diminished: KOTOR is well and truly back, in a remake concocted by Aspyr Media. A studio whose name is surely unfamiliar to you, since it carried the original game on IOS and Android in 2013. No date or release window for the time being; KOTOR Remake, on the other hand, will be aonly temporary PS5 exclusive.


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