Star Academy: Yanis Marshall very close to an actor from 13 Reasons Why!

On his Instagram account, Yanis Marshall (Star Academy) shared a photo where he appeared close to an actor from 13 Reasons Why!

Last year, Star Academy made a comeback on TF1. And the least we can say is that she was a real hit. Fans also fell in love with dance teacher Yanis Marshall.

Yanis Marshall (Star Academy) close to many stars

Yanis Marshall is a world famous dancer. And for this new season of Star Academy, he agreed to lend himself to the game and to become a teacher for the students. And the least we can say is that he has a lot to learn.

Throughout the season, Yanis Marshall notably pushed Léa and Tiana to reveal their talent as dancers. He even pushed Star Academy contestants to take a dance class in heels.

A real surprise for the participants of the Star Academy. If Yanis Marshall is the one who started the dance in heels, even for men, they did not expect to do the show in heels on the show.

For his part, Stan had also loved the principle. Julien, meanwhile, refused several times to dance in heels for fear of spraining his ankle. One thing is certain, Yanis Marshall has brought a lot to the students.

The Star Academy teacher is also very close to Ellen Pompeo, the actress of Grey’s Anatomy. He told our colleagues from PureMédias: “She was the one who had the idea of ​​creating a reality show around me with a team of dancers in heels”.

“Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Before meeting Ellen (Pompeo), I had never thought of doing television. She’s the first person who told me made me want to take the leap« .

“We became great friends”

The Star Academy teacher continued: “When we met, she said to me: ‘But Yanis you have a crazy personality, you have to do television’. We are Been great friends over the years« .

“I also have a relationship of trust with her, she never impressed me. I never watched Grey’s Anatomy and I always told him. I am team Sex & The City “She always laughed about it”.

And also to conclude: “And it did her a world of good not to have a fan in front of her. I talk to Ellen or Mariah (Carey) like I talk to you. Unfortunately in this environment, there are very few people who talk to them normally« .

The Star Academy teacher is also close to another series star. Recently, he shared a new photo on his Instagram account. And he appeared alongside Brandon Flynn.

The latter is also known to have played Justin Foley in 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. But that’s not all. In this photo, Zachary Quinto, the actor of Heroes and American Horror Story, was also present at their side.

It was enough for Yanis Marshall to react to his fans. For his part, Louis, grand finalist of the Star Academy then confided: “It is am jealous… ma vie Brandon Flynn ».


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