Star Academy: why is Louis so successful with fans?

Many Internet users see Louis as the big winner of Star Academy. Why is he so successful?

On social networks, Internet users are more and more likely to see Louis as the big winner of the Star Academy. But why is it so popular? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The grand finale of “Star Academy” is approaching

The stress is at its maximum for Enola, Louis, Léa and Anisha. Star Academy candidates must prove themselves to have the chance to win the 100,000 euros at stake.

It is therefore this Saturday, November 26, 2022 that they will have to compete to obtain the last place. Star Academy students aren’t the only ones stressed out. We can’t wait to see this grand finale.

Moreover, TF1 has announced the broadcast of a documentary on the winner on December 10. Awesome isn’t it? “A unique documentary that will trace the incredible journey of the finalists and follow the winner in his or her first steps outside the castle. »

In the meantime, on social networks, it’s madness! Internet users already have their little favorites. And the one that comes up most often is Louis! Eh yes ! The young man is also the first Star Academy finalist.

He caused a sensation throughout, especially during the show in heels needles on Born This Way by Lady Gaghas. This is what pleased Professor Yanis Marshall: “It takes a lot of courage to take responsibility. »

Before continuing: “You have to know that we leave a mark behind us, that we inspire a whole generation and that a few years ago, we wouldn’t have seen that on TV”he said.

The reason for such success

Same Bilal Hassani congratulated Louis, while he was at home: “Honestly, the tears are coming, I’m so happy to see this performance. Louis shines, the ballroom is introduced and sublimated by these incredible dancers… Thank you Yanis, thank you Star Ac”.

The Star Academy candidate is very surprised to see so many positive comments : « Basically, I came to Star Academy without claiming to carry a message. I just came as I am without hiding anything…. »

“By being free to be myself”, he confided to Télé Loisirs.“And there I receive letters from people who congratulate me and thank me for that. I’m proud of myself, of being able to get things done so that everyone is accepted. »

Louis (Star Academy) is very happy to be an inspiration to others. So just for thathe already considers himself a winner. « Obviously my dream would be to win, to have a contract with the record company and an album. »

“But if it doesn’t happen to me, that’s okay. It will not be rest because the Star Academy is a springboard. And it’s also the time to work, even if you’re tired. I wanted it and I still want it for the future! So I will work as much as possible to develop my art and live my dreams. I can not wait “.

No doubt, Louis (Star Academy) will so give it your all at the next prime. Will he be the big winner? Case to follow!


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