Star Academy: Jean-Pascal Lacoste discusses his relationship with Jenifer!

Jean-Pascal Lacoste confides in Jordan De Luxe about his difficult relationship with Jenifer, his former sidekick from Star Academy.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste reveals that with Jennifer, relations were strained during the 20th anniversary of Star Academy. MCE explains everything from A to Z!

Back to Star Academy, the cult show of the 2000s

On October 20, 2001, TF1 broadcast Star Academy. Wishing to compete with Loft Story, the television channel offers a very original talent show. A dozen candidates integrate a mansion to learn singing and dancing with the key, a contract with Universal Music for the winner.

La Star Academy reveals many artists. Viewers thus discover the sublime voices of Nolwenn Leroy, Elodie Frégé or the late Gregory Lemarchal.

But the tele-hook also highlights other charismatic personalities such as the choreographer the choreographer Kamel Ouali and singing teacher Armande Altai who stands out thanks to her extravagant look. The public also gets to know of a strange phenomenon called Jean Pascal.

The latter is known not for his talents as a singer, but thanks to his humor and his explosive character. In addition, he maintains an idyll with Jenifer.

Unfortunately, this pretty romance ends quickly. In January 2017, Jenifer suggests to the magazine Télé 7 Jours, that this romance was orchestrated by the production of the Star Academy. For his part, Jean-Pascal Lacoste confided to the Belgian media Télépro that he really liked the pretty brunette.

In 2021, Jean-Pascal Lacoste and Jenifer meet to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Academy. But according to him, the relationship between the two former residents of Dammarie-les-Lys were complicated. MCE TV tells you more.

Star Academy: Jean-Pascal talks about his relationship with Jenifer

Jean-Pascal Lacoste reveals the difficult relationship he has with Jenifer

To celebrate 20 years of Star Academy, TF1 is thinking big. The television channel decides to broadcast three exceptional bonuses from October 2021.

This is an opportunity for viewers to find the most emblematic candidates of tele-hook. Are there, Nolwenn Leroy, Sofiane Tadjine, Mario Barravecchia, Jenifer and Jean-Pascal Lacoste.

If for the young man, the reunion takes place in joy and good humor, this is not the case with Jenifer. Relations with the singer seem rather tense.

On September 24, 2022, Jean-Pascal Lacoste told Jordan De Luxe on his show that Jenifer reportedly snubbed him after the prime time shoot. «We would have liked to see her […] We saw her to shoot on the set. Action, turn, we did the show and then she left. » he laments.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste then confesses arguing with the singer. The reason ? He does not appreciate his contempt for the talent show that made him famous. “HAS the pub, we even tickled each other a little bit, because she said to me: ‘Don’t say I disowned the Star Ac’. Because I said she disowned Star Ac. For ten years, her face was blurred in all images. he explains.

He ends the interview with another revelation. Of the entertainment professionals think the same as him. « I think she’s mad at me for saying that. So that’s not bad. Even when I talk to some people in the business, they don’t tell me what I said is wrong. he concludes.


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