Star Academy: Adeline Toniutti confides in her heavy past!

Victim of domestic violence, Adeline Toniutti spoke about it to our colleagues from Liberation. The Star Academy teacher delivers herself from A to Z.

Adeline Toniutti is a very touching teacher at Star Academy. And we better understand why! She agreed to talk about her difficult past to our colleagues at Liberation. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A touching portrait of Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy)

“Eligible for the Opéra-Comique, she is therefore spotted by directors. In December 2014 to prepare for her roles, she retired to Franche-Comté with her fiancé…”

“In the house planted in the middle of the snow, at 26, she imagines working her roles by the fireplace. This same hearth will make the lyrical flight a tragic crash« .

Here are the words of Constance Vilanova, a journalist who wrote the portrait of Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy) for “Liberation”. She describes the teacher’s difficult past which has turned the daily lives of the students upside down.

Alongside Michael Goldman, Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy) was therefore chosen to put the voices in order. She, who has done everything to restore order in her life.

Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy) was therefore victim of domestic violence. She spoke about it openly: “One freezing night, I wake up, go to the bathroom and start vomiting blood. Except that I was spitting out my vocal cords”.

An example of bravery

In private, the teacher explains that “the blows are raining behind the walls of the house“. She explains that she lost her voice until a third surgery which saved her vocal cords.

“He hits the one who can’t yell,” she confides. Her ex-husband even went as far as ” let it rot in a cellar for hours“. Poor woman ! She suffered so much…

But she ended up by waking up one fine morningn : “I call battered women. They tell me that I can have accommodation, shrinks. I’m off,” she explains.

One thing is certain, the Star Academyso it allowed her to be stronger. Because she went after her dreams to have the chance to become a coach: “So I was fighting with my mother to watch the prime instead of going to bed. »

“For me, it was therefore the school of life and art. I clung to progressions, to human experiences… I adored Armande Altaï and I was therefore very fascinated by the stars who came to the set. I still can’t realize that I am part of this adventure today”.

Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy) is therefore the example even courage, strength and determination. She is now a happy woman who lives fully from her passions, and above all, without additional suffering.


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