Star Academy: a documentary on the winner soon to be broadcast on TF1!

Following the incredible success of this new season of Star Academy, a new documentary will soon be broadcast on TF1!

After the final of the Star Academy, TF1 is planning a great novelty: that of broadcasting a documentary on the winner of the show. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Soon the final of the Star Academy

More than a matter of days before discovering the finalist of the Star Academy. To date, there are only four candidates still in the running: Enola, Louis, Léa and Anisha.

All are ready to give their all to win the 100,000 euros at stake. It is therefore this Saturday, November 26, 2022 that they will have to compete to obtain the famous grail! So which already stresses the candidates!

This is the case of Léa, who is getting more and more tired. She can’t wake up to go to class. She was also summoned by the director to give a justification.

Subsequently, the Star Academy student finally explained that the end ofand the show made him lose his temperI. Fortunately, she can always count on her friends at the castle to cheer her up.

One thing is sure, everyone is agitated before the Star Academy final. Nikos Aliagas will therefore be able to testify to this! He therefore made a small fall in full live on TF1:

“It’s true, I had a small fall, small sores, I’m dragging my leg a bit. But hey, we can fall. There are a lot of people who fall, but the main thing is to decide to get up.he then confided.

A documentary on the big winner

But that’s not all ! The show’s director, Michael Goldman, is also affected by stress. We understand that he is overworked by last-minute organizations.

So much so that he had a bug during his explanations on the course of the Star Academy final. One thing is certain, Internet users are impatiently awaiting the moment of the big verdict:

“Personally, I wonder who’s going to win Star Academy, they’re all good”, “we clearly all agree that the dream final is: Louis, Enola, Léa, Tiana”, “I can’t wait to see the final »

After Star Academy, expect a big premiere! TF1 has decided toe broadcast a documentary on the winnert. Eh yes ! The channel announced the news on its Twitter account:

“A unique documentary that will trace the incredible journey of the finalists and follow the winner in his or her first steps outside the castle. »

Here are some words that make Star Academy fans happy! It will takehowever, to wait until December 10 to see this documentary on the front page: “Meeting on Saturday 10/12 at 22:55”. So it’s a case to follow!


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