STALKER2 is postponed again for the reasons we know

It was an amazing sequence that invited itself au Xbox Showcase Extended aired yesterday: GSC Game World shared a somewhat peculiar dev diary that – in a way – justifies a new postponement of the game pour courant 2023.

You are not unaware that the Kyiv-based studio in Ukraine suffers directly from the russian invasion which started 4 months ago now, and recent signs do not point to a de-escalation of the conflict.

The situation affected the employees of GSC Game World in various ways. The majority of the studio today has been relocated to Praguesbut some developers remained in Ukraine, working to the rhythm of the sirens in makeshift offices set up in sometimes unusual places, such as a bathroom or a corridorrepresenting a safe way to stay away from windows and the exterior wall of the building.

As the narrative designer briefly explains Dariia TsepkovaIt is difficult to write quests resolved with AK-47 shots when one is oneself threatened by the horrors of war. Originally from Mariupol, the animator Oleksandr Levchenko clearly indicates no longer be in contact with his parents since the beginning of the Russian “special military operation”, while we can see other employees to take up arms within the Ukrainian army, with the firm intention of come back to finish the Game once the war is over.

Clearly secondary, GSC Game World had all the same another topicality in relation to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2: Heart of Chornobyl : a new trailer presenting us with a return in the Zoneits capricious weather… and ses anomalies, more dramatic than ever. This is once again an opportunity to admire the use of l’Unreal Engine 5 for requirements open world FPS.

See such a political hook is quite unexpected in a conference focused on mainstream video games, but Microsoft is one of the various American giants that have preferred withdraw from Russia after the start of the war. The clear-cut position is therefore not so surprising.

In any case, it is reassuring to see that GSC Game World can receive strong support to help him complete a game that fans have been waiting for for more than 13 years.


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