How stable is Android O developer preview?

Google has announced the developer preview of the new Android O and you can experience it right now. The new version Android brings lots of intuitive features like slightly new changes in the notification options, enhanced Bluetooth audio, new settings menu and other stuff.

The official announcement might take a few months but still, with the developer preview you can experience some of the goodness brings by Android O.

Android N is yet now available in lots of android smartphones which shows that there are not many demands of Android O right now.

The developer preview is not available for the basic customers and there’s a reason for that. The developer’s preview is the initial impression of the operating system and how it will work on a regular android smartphone. If you are a developer, feel free to flash the Android O developer on your Nexus or Pixel phone.

There are many issues with the developer preview and it is what we expect as it is the final product. But how bad is the developer preview?

The network coverage is an issue will be one of the major issues with Android O developer preview especially if you move overseas quite often. Other problems are the irregular behavior of the lock screen notification bar. Lots of Apps doesn’t even show in the lock screen notification. So if the lock screen notification is your reliable source for your notification then you should not flash the Android O developer preview.

Some apps also refuse to work properly especially those apps from third party developers. If we talk about the stability, Android O developer preview is far from very unstable developer preview. Although it has many issues, you can still experience the Android O features if not 100% of the features.


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