Squid Game: this actor lives very badly the success of the Netflix series!

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the actor who played 001 in the Netflix series: Squid Game, revealed that he struggles with success!

For several months now, the Netflix series, Squid Game has been an incredible success around the world. She broke all records and becomes a phenomenon that never ceases to grow as the days go by.

The 001 actor didn’t expect the success of Squid Game

Squid Game occupies more and more space in the media world. Not a day goes by that the Netflix series is not talked about. And the least we can say is that some fans reach saturation point.

It is also the case of certain actors of Squid Game. While most of them were completely unknown until now, they are now famous around the world. On the other hand, this new celebrity is not easy to live with for all the players.

If the Netflix series has broken all records on the platform, it is not only being talked about in the positive. Indeed, the violent versions of the game have totally invaded the playgrounds.

One actor in particular also struggles to experience the success of the show. This is O Yeong-Su alias 001. Aged 77, the actor is not really to this sudden celebrity. Especially since he is also a central character in the series.

In an interview with Daily Mail, O Yeong-Su (Squid Game) confessed that he could hardly leave his house anymore. He revealed: “So many people started to contact me “.

He also added: “And since I don’t have a manager to help me, it’s difficult for me to manage the volume of calls and messages I receive. So my daughter helped me. The things have changed a lot« .

Squid Game: this actor lives very badly the success of the Netflix series!

A difficult celebrity

The Squid Game actor continued: “Even when I go out to a cafe or a place like that, I now have to be very careful with my behavior. Now I say to myself: ‘To be famous, it’s hard too‘ ».

The Squid Game comedian also revealed: “I don’t have big ambitions. Big or small, I have received a lot in my life. Now i want to leave behind these things that I received “.

Before explaining: “To explain it simply, let’s say you go to a mountain and you see a flower. When we are young, we pick the flower. And we take it for yourself« .

“But when you reach my age, you leave her there, as is, and come back to see her later.” It’s the same with life ”. Finally, he concluded: “Let them things exactly as they are, it is not easy “.

One thing is certain, the incredible performer of 001 in Squid Game is having a hard time getting used to this new life. He also thinks that he does not will play more in other series or movies. He also won’t be in Season 2 of the series.

Warning SPOIL. As a reminder 001 lost his life in the last episode before announcing that he had created the games to keep busy at the time. One thing is certain, his character has really amazed fans of the Netflix series !


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