Squid Game: these characters from “Lost” likely to win the game?

Shock on the Web! We reveal the characters of the Lost series who could have won all the challenges in Squid Game without any worries!

Today we have you reveals the main heroes of Lost who could have won the Squid Game series game on Netflix! To your notes!

De Lost à Squid Game…

It’s no longer a secret! The main characters of Lost are strong, tough and ready to take on all challenges.

Today it is so interesting to think who would win the game from the famous Netflix Squid Game series. And you, who will you bet on?

Whether in Lost or in Squid Game, the two series are take place on a desert island. They thus present a set of physical and mental challenges.

Unsurprisingly, this suggests as the main heroes from the Lost series would be ready for the games of Squid Game! You can not find ?

And yes, even if it concerns children’s games which very quickly become dangerous. As Lost continues, with flashbacks and flashforwards and even flashbacks, fans learn more about Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the other plane crash survivors, as well as some of the people they meet on the Mysterious Island.

While some lost characters might get too overwhelmed and fail the first few games, others would go far enough. One person in particular stands out the most as a potential winner.

Squid Game: these characters from "Lost" likely to win the game?
Squid Game: these characters from “Lost” likely to win the game?

Top 5 characters likely to win all challenges in Squid Game

Juliette Burke

Juliet is undoubtedly one of the characters in Lost the most convincing. So, she would do very well in Squid Game.

As a fertility specialist, she is intuitive and incredibly smart. She is both physically and mentally strong, which would allow her to win the matches.

Sawyer Ford

Sawyer did horrible things on Lost. But by falling in love with Kate, he becomes a good and caring person.

Being a basic con artist, he is thus able to do much of the necessary physical labor. to maintain life on the island. He therefore has all the skills necessary to win the Squid Game.

Jack Shepard

He is the chief of the island and since he was a spine surgeon before he ended up on the island, he would probably be up to the new Korean series.

In Lost, Jack immediately resigns himself and accepts that he is on the island. Jack would use the same attitude in Squid Game and would approach each match with care.

Kate Austen

She leads a life of crime and shows how incredibly strong she is once on the island. Given that Jack and Kate kill The Man in Black, it’s easy to think Kate could take on these challenges as well.

John Locke

Since Locke always has a one step ahead of his comrades survivors of the crash, it looks like he could stay silent and then suddenly face the final challenge. And for good reason…

Locke is already comfortable living on an island as he thinks it’s a good idea to continue living there when everyone else is wish he could go home at once. Locke would fit right in as part of the Island Squid Game and feel comfortable being challenged mentally and physically.


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