Squid Game: the director has an incredible fortune thanks to Netflix?

In an interview with The Guardian, the director of Squid Game (Netflix) made confidences about his wealth!

In recent months, the Netflix Squid Game series has been an incredible hit. If some think that the director could increase his fortune thanks to this incredible success, know that this is not the case at all.

Terrible financial difficulties

In an interview with The Guardian, the director of Squid Game, Wang Dong-hyuk, confided in his fortune. He also revealed that his contract with Netflix hadn’t made him rich.

The director of Squid Game confessed: “I’m not that rich. But I have enough money. I have enough to put food on the table. And it’s not like Netflix is ​​paying me a bonus. Netflix has me paid according to the initial contract« .

Subsequently, Wang Dong-hyuk also explained that he had experienced the global financial crisis very badly. ” I was very in financial difficulty. Because my mother retired from the company she worked for ”.

Before adding: “There was a movie I was working on. But we don’t have failed to secure funding. So I couldn’t work for about a year. We had to take out loans: my mother, myself and my grandmother ”.

This need for money also inspired him to write his new series, Squid Game. He explained : “I have read Battle Royal and Liar Game. And other comics from survival games. I told myself with the people who were there ”.

He continued: “Who were in desperate need of money and success. It was a low point in my life. If there was a survival game like this in reality, I was wondering if I would join it to earn any money for my family ? ».

Squid Game director hasn’t seen the Bridgertons Chronicle

The director of Squid Game also said: “I realized that, since I was a filmmaker, I could bring my personal touch to this kind of story. So I started the script ”.

The director of Squid Game was also inspired by his childhood: “I was good at making my way to the head of the squid. You had to fight to win ”. He also explained the reasons why he created such a terrible concept.

” Because the show is motivated by a simple idea. We are fighting for our lives in very unequal circumstances ”. The Guardian also wonders if it was inspired by other series to enter the competition.

Wang Dong-hyuk (Squid Game) then said: ” I have trouble watch a whole series. There are only two that I watched until the end: Breaking Bad and Mind Hunter. People said Bridgerton was very good ”;

Before entrusting: “So I tried to watch episode one but I gave up in the middle. I’m not really into love stories on TV. Because I’ve been in a relationship for six or seven years ”.

The one who is at the head of a huge success all over the world also admitted: ” I really have hard to identify« . Now he’s had the chance to beat The Bridgertons Chronicle!


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