Squid Game: the creator is considering a season 2 for the Netflix series!

It may be just a matter of time. The director of the Netflix series, Squid Game is starting to work on a future season 2.

From season 1, the Squid Game series was a hit on Netflix. Director Hwang Dong-hyeok has confirmed that he was already starting to think about a potential season 2. MCE VT tells you everything from A to Z!

How much did Squid Game make?

In an interview with the Guardian, the director of the series revealed a little more about his fortune. Besides, Hwang Dong-hyeok revealed not to have won such a large sum of its contract with Netlix.

Indeed, he explained that he did not consider himself rich, even if it is far from being to be pitied. Of course, the director has enough money to live on and he maintains: ” it’s not like Netflix pays me a bonus ”.

During the interview, the director of Squid Game returned to his situation during the health crisis. Indeed, Hwang Dong-hyeok was in serious financial difficulty. In addition, his mother had just retired.

But that’s not all, the creator of Squid Game was working on a movie and it just lacked financial support. So he had to do several loans with his mother and grandmother.

Wait, doesn’t that remind you of anything? Yep, the 50 year old man, it was then inspired by his money problems to create the famous Squid Game series.

Shortly after its release on Netflix, Squid Game was unanimous among all subscribers. Besides, they are all impatient to know if a season 2 will see the light of day.

Well that’s good news, the director of the phenomenon series is already starting to think about season 2. MCE TV tells you more!

Squid Game: the creator is considering a season 2 for the series!
Squid Game: the creator is considering a season 2 for the series!

Netflix will release a season 2

The game could then resume. It is almost a certainty itself. In an interview with the Guardian, the director of Squid Game announced to be in “discussion” for season 2.

“Of course there are discussions! It’s inevitable because the series was such a success… I’m thinking about it ” Hwang Dong-hyeok said. Before adding: ” I have a very high level vision in my head… But I’m not going to work on it right away ”.

The director wanted to let it be known that his work was not easy. Quite the contrary. ” It was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting » entrusted the screenwriter. For good reason, Squid Game took 10 years of work from Hwang Dong-hyeok.

But the South Korean director added: “I kept coming up with new ideas and picking up episodes while filming, so the amount of work has multiplied« . So the 50-year-old might just take a break before embarking on Squid Game season 2.

The author of the Netflix event series ended by saying : “There is a movie that I really want to make. I’m still thinking about what I want to do first. We are going to talk about it with Netflix ”. The fans of the series then find themselves suspended at the goodwill of the director.

So for now Squid Game audiences need to be patient. And even if the season doesn’t come out right away, they might be surprised to discover a movie on Netflix. And this by one of the most fashionable directors of the moment.


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