Squid Game: Some extras were paid $ 5 million?

If Squid Game has brought in a lot to the actors of the series, it also allowed the extras to get rich! We tell you everything!

If we still do not know the exact salary of the main actors of Squid Game, that of the extras is no longer a secret. It would even be very important according to one of them. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Squid Game: incredible salaries!

Squid Game is a real nugget that continues to make people talk! According to Netflix reports, the series has been viewed by over 111 million fans in the first weeks of its dissemination.

For several weeks, therefore, she occupiedfirst place in dozens of countries like France, Mexico, Turkey and the United States etc… You have to believe that its success is so immense that the media are still very focused on the series.

If we do not talk about the many games that have created difficult situations in schools around the world, we now hear about the salaries of actors. Cho Sang Woo is said to have earned nearly 300,000 won per episode. It is followed by near by Jung-Jae who collected 206 thousand dollars.

Other salaries also remain attractive. But what about the extras? Yep, remember! At the end of the series, during the last game, there were several characters with for only an animal painting on the body.

Those half-naked extras were next to the VIPs. But then the question arises. How much were they paid in Squid Game? MCE TV gives you the answer below!


An extra reveals her remuneration

For the realization of the last scenes, the extras had a very good salary ! This is what Youtubeuse Raye said, to whom the producers of Squid Game have offered a role. So she revealed that she had been offered 5 million South Korean Won. Yes Yes ! You hear well!

She then explains the reason for this high salary. According to her, it’s a nudity story. Indeed, when she asked the Squid Game recruiter if she could keep her bra on, the latter replied no.

It was impossible since this scene required that the characters are naked, like animals. Hence the painting on their body which represented a panther for example. The producers still reassured the extras by promising them that they would not have a sexualized role.

Beyond the salary, these extras had several advantages. They were entitled to full accommodation. But also to meals and services of Pick-up during the 3-day shoot.

But it was way too much for YouTuber Raye. Despite all the advantages, thShe turned down the role of an extra in the series. She then asserts that it “Seemed way too fishye ”. She also added that the team had not given her the name of the series she would shoot for.

So does she regret her choice today? She did not give more detail! One thing is certain, Squid Game fans had a great timer to copy the outfits of the characters in the series for Halloween.


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