Squid Game (Netflix): the star actor of the series super handsome in real life!

Netflix fans have surely binge watermarked the first season of the Korean show Squid Game. Do they suspect that the actor is ultra “bg”?

Netflix recently unveiled a more than incredible series. So it’s Squid Game, a nice surprise for series aficionados. What about the plastic of its flagship actor? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Squid Game: the physical transformation of its actor impresses

On Netflix, there is therefore a plethora of series. Each more captivating than the next in short … Is not it?

If we fall for the beautiful eyes of certain actresses or actors, it must be said that some have right to physical transformations. Never mind !

We can even say that sometimes it’s radical, and that makes all the difference. One of the most egregious: Millie Bobby Brown, who had to shave his head.

This is how she was able to play the role of Eleven in the famous series to success Stranger Things. And that is not the only one to have radically changed.

We can talk about Naomi Grossman, who has nothing to do with the character that she plays in American Horror Story. Yes, his physique is much less ungrateful than that of Pepper!

We also remember Taryn Manning, and her character of Doggett, ravaged by meth in the series Orange is the New Black.

The hit series Squid Game do not deviate from the rule either, far from there. So, an actor had to face an impressive transformation.

It is clear that he has little to do with the character he embodies. It is even among the sex symbol of his country of origin!

See for yourself the difference between Lee Jung Jae in real life and his appearance in the series. We can tell ourselves: he is quite a handsome kid in real life, isn’t he?

Netflix: Lee Jugn Jae a beauty icon in South Korea

High cheekbones, laughing eyes, hair cascading over the forehead… Lee Jung Jae looks radiant in one of the last pictures of his Instagram account.

We discover him all smiles, as part of a photo shoot. An angel who fell from heaven, some would say, among his large community of fans.

As evidenced by 48,000 likes on this publication. We can say that the actor of Squid Game, Netflix’s hit thriller, is wreaking havoc on the platform.

Recall that his most prolific fan page on Instagram has no less than 292,000 fans. Like what he continues to be unanimous, especially with his fanbase in South Korea.

Remember also that the actor of the Netflix series which we are expecting season 2 does not have social networks. However, it’s not the fan pages that are missing.

At 48, the prodigy actor is one of the most attractive personalities in the eyes of fans of the small and big screen. As much to say to you that it makes its small effect!

In addition to his performance in the Squid Game series, we know him for multiple roles. Including one in New World, another in The Housemaid or even in The Face Reader.


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