Squid Game: Netflix opens a game zone like in the series in LA!

Faced with the success of “Squid Game,” Netflix opened up a series-like gaming area in Los Angeles. What to have a good time!

Squid Game is definitely the hit of the year. On the occasion of Halloween, Netflix has opened up a series-like gaming space, located in Los Angeles. MCE TV shows you everything!

A Squid Game Zone in LA

For Halloween, Netflix has decided to delight fans of the series Squid Game. Since September, the korean series created a tidal wave. It has even become the most watched on the platform. Moreover, the costumes are snapped up in the middle of Halloween.

A season 2 is soon planned. The director of the series confirmed it with half a word To Variety : « But if I had to do it, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would consider using a writers room and would like several experienced directors ».

In the Korean neighborhood in Los Angeles, Netflix has thus decided to install its gaming area in line with the series. With your friends or family, you can then live a crazy experience and dive into the universe of the series.

You will then find the cookies, the giant doll and especially the characters in their scary costumes and masks. Of course, losers will not face atrocious spells that we can see in Squid Game.

As in Paris a few weeks ago, a video posted on Twitter was able to reveal the world for the opening of the gaming area. Some have even declared that‘they were eager to participate in this experience extraordinary.

Lebron James criticizes the series

And Squid Game quickly became successful, Lebron James was not kind regarding the end of the series. MCE TV tells you more!

On October 12, the American basketball player then gave his opinion on the series at a post-game conference. « I didn’t like the end of the series. I know they’re trying to open the door to a second season, but get your ass on that fucking plane and go see your daughter brother. What are you doing buddy? He just won five billion won! ».

Two weeks after these words, the director of Squid Game then replied, by criticizing the film half-heartedly Space Jam 2.

« Have you seen Space Jam 2? LeBron James is cool and can say whatever he wants. I respect that. I am very grateful that he watched the whole series. Corn I wouldn’t change my ending ».

The series did not always convince the public. The violence present in Squid Game was a topic of discussion in France.

Many schools then noticed that the students reproduced the games from the series Korean. Games that often ended with violence.

The government had thus spoken given the scale of the phenomenon. Jean-Michel Blanquer then reacted to the microphone of BFMTV on his concern about these dangerous games.


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