Squid Game IRL? A YouTuber wants to take up the challenge

While by now they probably thought they had seen it all, MrBeast fans were amazed when the YouTuber announced that he was planning to set up an IRL Squid Game.

Unless you haven’t ventured onto social media in recent weeks, it’s hard to miss Squid Game, Netflix’s new hit series.

The series, set in South Korea, features men and women in debt up to their necks who take part in a high-risk competition in an attempt to get rich.

Squid game doll

While the series was released over a month ago, it continues to unleash passions

More than a month after its release, this series halfway between Battle Royale and Hunger Games continues to be talked about more than ever. And between the events organized by Netflix, the cosplays that appear everywhere and the multiple crossovers that are multiplying in video games, it does not seem to be running out of steam.

Especially since now many content creators are starting to get involved, including MrBeast who, accustomed to the most atypical challenges, aims to bring the series to life.

Participate in Squid Game in real life?

The colorful YouTuber did not go there by 4 ways, he revealed on TikTok that he would recreate Squid Game in real life, if his publication obtained 10 million likes.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the video to reach this figure, which it has since greatly exceeded.

@mrbeastIt’s in your hands tik tok♬ Squid Game – Carrot

Knowing the track record of MrBeast, we have no doubt that the youtubeur will keep his promise. It remains to be seen how he intends to go about it given that his version will have to be different from that of Netflix, for quite obvious reasons.

Even if he has not put forward any dates, we imagine that he should start teasing his project in the days or weeks to come. With a plethora of challenges as original as they are wacky to its name, we have no doubt that this new atypical project will be remembered.

While waiting to discover the end of the story, Internet users are already getting lost in conjectures, each one crazier than the next.


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