Squid Game: Could these Sex Education characters win the game?

Squid Game is a survival competition. But who are the characters in the Sex Education series that have a chance of winning the game?

Squid Game is the success of the end of the year for Netflix. Series Sex Education is not left out. At each exit of the season, it ranks in the platform’s Top trends. MCE TV shows you everything!

Who could win Squid Game ?

Most viewed series, the plot of Squid Game revolves around people, often in debt. They find themselves invited to participate in a mysterious competition survival.

In the vein of the film Hunger Games, players participate in a series of games with the goal of earning 45.6 billion won, or $ 38 million.

Watched by 111 million people, Netflix announced that the korean series had the best start on the platform.

But what characters from Sex Education could win the competition Squid Game ? Aimée Gibbs, Lily Inglehart, Ola Nyman… it’s up to you to give us an answer!

Aime Gibbs

Nice, the young Aimée Gibbs is loved by the fans. Corn, his naivety and kindness could thus play him bad tricks with his adversaries. They will show themselves without mercy.

Jackson Marchetti

In three seasons, the teenager has grown and especially evolved. This change could take him far, or on the contrary, eliminate him in the first round. Fair and noble like Seong Gi-hun, he could then stand up to the guards, and would be disgusted with the Games.

Lily Inglehart

Creative and imaginative, Lily Inglehart might not make it to the final of Squid Game. It would be eliminated in the first. Just that !

Ola Nyman

Determined and fiery, MCE TV would then see the young woman go to the end of the adventure. Under this strong temperament hides a tender heart. A quality that could harm him in the Games, where you have to show yourself mercilessly.

Vivienne Odusanya

Considered one of the best of Sex Education, Vivienne is smart and ambitious. Two qualities which will thus be able to serve him in Squid Game.

Otis Milburn

In three seasons of Sex Education, Otis Milburn went through hardships. He cares about Maeve. But, this love could well lead him to his downfall. He could then leave his place to the woman he loves in Squid Game.

Ruby Matthews

Most popular girl in high school, Ruby can then be bad. A character trait, which thus shows that she could show no mercy in trials.

Eric Effiong

Loyal and at times impulsive, Eric has a strong character. Netflix subscribers were then able to attest to this over the three seasons broadcast on the platform. This trait can lead him to victory, as to its doom.

Maeve Wiley

Smart and determined, Maeve never backs down from an obstacle. She never gives up. She so is not afraid to take risks. Which would then make her a perfect Squid Game winner.

Adam Groff

Considered the one who has evolved the most, Adam Groff is the perfect winner. Vicious at first, and kind at the end, the teenager has two faces. He could then use as he sees fit.


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