Squid Game: costumes banned by schools for Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching. The schools have therefore decided to unite in the face of the enthusiasm for the “Squid Game” series.

“Squid Game” is in everyone’s mouth, both adults and children. Schools fear that the series will influence the choice of disguises for Halloween and are ready to do anything to prevent this phenomenon from becoming even more widespread. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

“Squid Game” inspires kids for Halloween

As you probably know, “Squid Game” is wreaking havoc around the world. Indeed, it has been several weeks since the series advocates first place in the ranking, on Netflix.

This is all the more surprising given that this is a series highlighting human cruelty. To put it simply, here’s the synopsis: Hundreds of broke Koreans decide to participate in a mysterious game, in order to win a large sum of money.

They compete against each other in events similar to those we played when we were children. We can notably cite the famous “One, two, three sun”. But beware. If one of the players loses, he is eliminated. In other words, dejected.

The writers did not expect seduce such a large audience, with such violence. And yet yes! Children even tend to reproduce the different scenes from the “Squid Game” series in the playground. Death results in a slap, a punch or a clang-paw. What to worry the teaching staff!

As Halloween approaches, some schools have therefore decided to Take the things over control by prohibiting students from wearing certain disguises. MCE TV tells you more about this in the rest of its article.

Squid Game: costumes banned by schools for Halloween!

American schools are banging their fists on the table

Schools see it coming. Children will want to be inspired by the “Squid Game” series for their Halloween costume. They will then want to disguise themselves as a guard, with a red hooded jumpsuit, a fencing mask (with a circle, a triangle or a square) and a submachine gun.

Or they will opt for the players’ dress, namely a mint green tracksuit as well as a number on the chest. But, for the faculty in the USA, it is out of the question. “Squid Game” has already done enough damage! A school “district”, located in Syracuse, therefore decided to send a strong message to parents.

“Staff recently noticed that some students during recess were imitating ‘Squid Game’ games. Because of this activity, our principals would like families to understand that it would be inappropriate for a student to wear a Halloween costume from this soap to school. because of the violent messages it conveys », was it written in a press release.

Hope parents hear reason. Corn it looks pretty bad. Indeed, research mentioning “Squid Game costume” is very numerous on the web.

Surprisingly, they are even more numerous than usual searches such as “Joker”, “Harley Quinn”, “La Casa de Papel” or “Catwoman”. And you, do you understand the measures taken by the elementary schools, at the approach of Hallowenn? At MCE TV in any case, we approve of their decision.


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