Squid Game: best launch in Netflix history, here are its impressive audience figures

Squid Game panics the counters. The South Korean survival series has been watched by myriad subscribers. To the point of becoming the most watched Netflix series at its launch, knocking out the record held until then by The Chronicle of the Bridgertons.

Squid Game
© Netflix

It is an overwhelming success. Squid Game was invited on September 17 on Netflix. And nearly a month after its release, the red N platform has just revealed its viewing figures. In just 17 days, 111 million subscribers watched the South Korean program.

Staggering figures. It’s simple, this is the best series launch in the history of Netflix, welcomed the service on its social networks. Squid Game thus outclasses the previous record held by the Bridgertons Chronicle series. As a reminder, 82 million subscribers had viewed it when it started.

In this South Korean drama, we follow people in great economic distress who participate in a competition. The principle is simple: they must win several games to hit the jackpot. In the event of defeat, however, death awaits them. A thrilling storyline that kept a slew of subscribers in suspense. As Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of the SVOD platform, predicted, Squid Game is on course to become the most popular Netflix series of all time.

Squid Game: a resounding success for Netflix

In any case, it already gravitates to the top of the ranking of the most viewed Netflix series during the first 28 days of operation. As a reminder, the platform includes all accounts that have watched at least two minutes of content. In addition to The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, we also find Lupine: Part 1 (76 million views) as well as season 1 of The Witcher (76 million also).

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All eyes are now on the possible release of a second season of Squid Game which could focus on the Machiavellian Leader of the competition. However, this second act is not expected anytime soon, creator Hwang Dong-hyeo having confided that he had not yet looked into it. He also indicated that he could surround himself with directors and screenwriters in order to lighten his workload.


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