Squid Game: a collection of clothes on the Netflix series is coming!

The BlackMilk brand has just released a line of clothing, in connection with the phenomenon series on Netflix, namely Squid Game.

You like to wear clothes related to your favorite movies and series ? So you will be happy. The BlackMilk brand has just released a “Squid Game” collection (Netflix). MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Squid Game (Netflix) is a worldwide success

The “Squid Game” series has been on everyone’s lips since its release on Netflix, September 17, 2021. It must be said that the scenario has made many viewers shiver.

According to the figures released by the Bloomberg agency at the end of October, 66% of people who subscribe to the streaming platform would have watched the entire series. You realize ? It’s enormous !

“Squid Game” was such a hit that it even became inspirational. Proof, a millionaire Youtuber decided to recreate the events, in real life. They were also very numerous to register.

Of course, participants would not die if they failed a test. But they still took a dummy bullet. This famous video comes fromreach 100 million views. Well say so!

So we have no choice but to recommend you take a look, at the bottom of this article. It is worth the detour. To convince you, here are some comments, extras under the video.

“Hard work and fun, thank you!” “, “This set and the design is so realistic and accurate. It’s incredible ! “, “This is honestly one of the greatest things I have seen in a while! I was amazed at how much the decor was well done. I take my hat off to you! », can we read. MCE TV tells you more.

Get yourself a garment related to the series

If you are afraid to participate in a game such as “Squid Game”, you can always decide to show your interest in the series by wearing clothes inspired by it. The BlackMilk brand has just released a brand new collection.

Of course, BlackMilk offers you to buy the famous green and white tracksuit worn by the participants during the events. This is a must.

But beware, that’s not all. On the brand’s website, you will also find T-shirts, cyclists, dresses, leggings or even hoodies with the drawing of the characters from “Squid Game”. Whether it be the players, the guards or even the doll. So there’s something for everyone!

The cheapest of all the products offered by BlackMilk is the t-shirt. It costs $49 in the USA. That is equivalent to 40 euros in France. Because, let’s not forget, the American dollar does not have the same value as the euro. Yes, we had to convert.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to visit the brand’s website by clicking on the following link. On the other hand, if the prices seem too high to you, you can always put one of these articles on your Christmas list. It can be a great gift!


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