Spotify: How to Find a Song Using Its Lyrics

Lately, Spotify has rolled out a very useful feature. This allows you to find a song on the application by typing an extract of its lyrics. We explain in this article how to proceed. And you will see, it is a real child’s play!

Spotify: how to find a song with its lyrics

According to the latest tally revealed, Spotify can boast of having 345 million users. Among them, there are in particular 155 million paying subscribers. The music streaming application is therefore in the lead, notably outclassing Apple Music, its main competitor. Despite its hegemony, Spotify has not hesitated to increase the price of its subscriptions lately. Note, however, that France has so far been spared by this price increase.

Regardless, the app’s success is largely tied to the thickness of its track catalog. It is indeed easy to find your happiness among the multitude of titles present on the interface. Especially since a very practical feature landed at the end of last year. This allows you to find a song by indicating an extract of its lyrics in the Spotify search bar. We show you step by step how to proceed in this tutorial.. You will see, the result is stunning to say the least.

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Spotify: how to find a song from its lyrics

  • Open the Spotify app on your smartphone or computer.
  • Then go to the Search section at the top left.


  • Then type a sample of the lyrics of the song you want to find on the application. For our part, we tried to find a piece of Ninho and JuL by randomly choosing a passage from their lyrics. The app immediately identified the desired title, as you can see below:


  • We repeated the experience with a famous piece by Edith Piaf. There too, Spotify did not have the slightest difficulty in finding The Hymn to Love from an extract of the lyrics. Look :

Spotify: find a song with the lyrics

Now you know how to find a song on Spotify using its lyrics. A very useful feature since it will allow you to be able to listen to songs whose title escaped you.


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