Splitgate launches “Season 0” with a new map and a new game mode

The latest big sensation in the competitive FPS scene, yet available in early access since 2019, Splitgate finally feels confident enough to come out in – some – final form with the launch of his “season 0”.

Indeed, with the explosion in the number of players that followed the availability of Splitgate on consoles, the multi FPS of 1047 Games should have gone out in its version 1.0. However, the influx of new players is taking its toll waiters which were never designed to accommodate so many people, and the actual output has been postponed indefinitely. In a way, this peak of curiosity is a boon for the small team who can then harvest more returns.

However, this is no reason not to celebrate the dazzling success of an astonishing but clever mixture of Halo and Portal, and the launch of a season “for butter” is a good solution. Thereby, this Season 0 bring a new card and a new mode Contamination, among the good ten already available. Obviously, un Battle Pass with a slew of skins is Of the game.

Splitgate also benefits from some additional features, with a server browser, a killcam for all game modes and new third parties for classified parts.

As a reminder, Splitgate beta is available in free-to-play on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the possibility of playing en cross-play.


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