Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is offered by Ubisoft on PC

While waiting for the continuation which does not arrive …

This is a funny surprise, but we take: the PC version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005) is available for free on the Ubisoft Store until November 25. You can then keep the title for life.

Power outages across the city… Stock market sabotage… Electronic hijacking of the national defense system… It’s information warfare. To avoid these attacks, agents must infiltrate hostile territories to aggressively retrieve important intelligence before enemy soldiers reach them. You are Sam Fisher, the most gifted secret agent in the NSA. To accomplish your mission you will need to kill at close range, use your combat knife, shoot the Land Warrior experimental rifle, and use inhibition techniques such as the knocked down daredevil. The enemy evolves: follow the example.

If the series began to radically change genre from de Splinter Cell: Conviction, the interest of Chaos Theory remains palpable even today. It’s no wonder then that fans are clamoring that Sam Fisher return to service, apart from the somewhat rotten cameos in other games stamped Tom Clancy.

We don’t know if a new Splinter Cell is indeed in the boxes of Ubisoft, but recent rumors speak indeed of a new opus in preparation, although its development cycle would have just started. In 2019, Yves guillemot expressed a desire to revive the license in hibernation since 2013, but that it would be necessary good ideas to do it. It’s very weird to hear that from the CEO of Ubisoft.


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