Spider-Man: This Incredible Scene From The Movie Wasn’t Faked!

This amazing scene from the hit Spider-Man movie was shot without special effects! We give you more details.

Not even tricked! An incredible scene from the movie Spider-Man was shot without special effects. MCE TV tells you everything!

Spider-Man of Sam Raimi

In 2002, viewers discovered the film Spider-Man directed by Sam Raimi. It was 20 years ago ! Moreover, this film marked a whole generation.

In this first part, we discover on screen the story of Peter Parker. A young man who gets bitten by a spider and discovers he has incredible superpowers.

He then begins to see the changes on his body. First, he takes off his glasses. Indeed, now they are no longer of any use to him. He also discovers other superhuman physical abilities. And managed to catch up with his bus by running after him!

In high school, he will also find it difficult to hide his transformation and his new skills. Indeed, we still remember the scene where the pretty Marie Jane Watson stumbles and almost falls to the ground.

The young man will succeed in catching up with the woman he is madly in love with! He indeed manages to avoid a good fall and even catches up with his tray and all the elements that were on it. Something to impress the pretty redhead and leave her speechless.

This scene from Spider-Man had its small effect on the young woman, but also on viewers. What is even more impressive is to know that this scene of madness did not require any tricks ! Eh yes.

Spider-Man: This Incredible Scene From The Movie Wasn't Faked!
Spider-Man: This Incredible Scene From The Movie Wasn’t Faked!

A scene without special effects

This scene from the movie Spider-Man was therefore filmed without the slightest trick. Indeed, we discovered that a tube of glue was enough to make this scene incredibly magical.

Moreover, we can also congratulate the young actor Tobey Maguire for his perseverance! « [Il n’y a] no virtual effects in this scene. Tobey did it all himself” says young actress Kristen Dunst, who plays Mary-Jane in Spider-Man.

“It’s quite impressive. We used glue to keep the tray on his hand. We did some shots of that scene with the falling objects! » she clarified. It must be said that when you think about it, the scene seems incredibly well done. And knowing that she didn’t need any special effects makes her even more fascinating.

In total, the scene was shot exactly 157 times. This is what the head of the special effects of the film Spider-Man affirms, John Dykstra. “The studio had asked us to remove the sequence from the set” he confided.

“We were supposed to have two days to do this scene. But with the vicissitudes of the production, we were asked to shorten by one day. » he says. Before adding:And we had to shoot this scene in one day. This footage was supposed to be cut, but Sam [Raimi] and I held on to it. So we decided to shoot it anyway and we finished it in one day. It was a long day. »

After a long 16 hour day, it’s finally in the box! We can applaud Tobey Maguire for this great achievement!


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