Spider-Man: Miles Morales Will Include Spider-Cat In A Backpack

The all-new Spider-Man: Miles Morales did release footage in which it can be seen that the game is all set to include an amazing and cool Spider-Cat side quest along with a special but cute, spider suit. 

There are surely so many fans who have been wondering about the new inclusion of the character who is actually a cat named “Spider-Man”.

In the footage, you can be able to see that Miles is getting a notification on what you can call his friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man App about the Bodega robbery.

You must know that it is just the same as most bodegas in NYC, we are going to witness a bodega who is having a cute and adorable resident cat. The cute cat is also named Spider-Man which is why most fans are confused earlier about having two Spider-Man in the game.

It is sad enough to know that the adorable Spider-Man (Cat) got nabbed during the robbery. But fortunately, Miles is on the scene and he rescues the cat from a warehouse. Then he ensures to tuck the Spider-Man cat safely in the backpack.

The cat in the backpack is what gamers are going to remember while moving forward in the game. It is sure that Miles is kind enough to return the cat to the bodega where he makes sure to nestle back the cat to the bed which is located on the top of the counter.

You will indeed get a cool Spider-Cat suit when you will successfully complete the Spider-Man: Miles Morales side quest. The suit will include a backpack which will be containing Spider-Man, the cat.

You will also get to see the finishing move of Miles as he claws a bad guy’s face in the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game. 


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