Spectators of the Warzone Gulag can join him

In Warzone, the gulag is a way to redeem yourself a second chance at victory. But a new glitch confuses players and allows spectators to invite themselves onto the battlefield.

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific brought a new take on the Gulag to the game. It features two exterior corridors and a small house in the middle.

After dying in a game, players are sent here to fight 1v1 to earn their redeployment.

While it’s hard enough to win your fight in Gulag, a new glitch makes things even more difficult. Indeed, other people are authorized to storm the land.

Gulag Warzone

The Gulag offers Warzone players a second chance.

Warzone Gulag bug allows multiple players to enter arena

In a player’s post u / colemanni, he reported an interesting bug that allows spectators to interfere with the 1v1 combat taking place in the Gulag.

As you can see in the video, the player is trying to reach his opponent when suddenly a spectator starts running over the barriers. Neither one nor two, colemanni tries to shoot down the new target. Unfortunately for him, he was not a participant in the duel and he was promptly shot down while reloading.

In addition, the feat is very easy to reproduce. It is therefore likely to multiply very quickly and appear through the parts.

The players are necessarily worried, because this can obviously cause many problems during the Gulag.

As the clip shows, it’s very likely that someone is shooting this viewer. Then it reveals his position to the real enemy. Hopefully this bug will be fixed as soon as possible.


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