SpaceX: the best shots of the ISS resupply mission

On August 29, SpaceX sent a Falcon 9 rocket to the ISS in order to provide the crew with food, equipment and items for carrying out science experiments. Here are the best shots of this new stellar journey.

Falcon 9 en route vers l'iSS

Perched on the International Space Station, Thomas Pesquet and others have just received a heavy cargo of 2,170 kg. Which was shipped by SpaceX which launched a Falcon 9 rocket on August 29. A successful refueling mission which notably enabled the astronauts to get their hands on fresh food. Namely avocados, lemons and even ice cream that should make people happy aboard the ISS.

In addition, the cargo was embarking equipment like an experimental robotic arm named GITAI S1. His main mission will be to screw objects together and to carry out certain tasks common to the life of the station. Ultimately, future models of this robotic arm will be released into space to repair certain faulty satellites.

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ISS: a slew of scientific experiments to come

In addition, SpaceX’s refueling mission brought on board the ISS elements inherent in the performance of scientific experiments. While Pesquet and his colleagues recently tested 3D printing using moon dust, they will be able to carry out experiments on ants and plants like Thalius’ Arabette. It is a very common weed that is used in genetic research. Astronauts will focus on their reactions to stress in microgravity situations.

In addition, concrete and fiberglass samples will be studied. The idea will be to dismantle whether these materials can transform into effective shields against radiation. You will understand, the astronauts of the ISS will have their work cut out for them. Regardless, SpaceX and astronaut Shane Kimbrough were quick to share stunning photos of Falcon 9 lift off and transport the Crew Dragon freighter to dock at the station. What to take full view:


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