Sony has only paid for 6 months of exclusivity for Final Fantasy XVI

In a new commercial highlighting the latest and upcoming thrill games coming soon on PlayStation consolessome noticed a funny mention at the bottom of the video when new images of Final Fantasy XVI. Obviously, console exclusive of the title traded with Square Enix by Sony would only last 6 months.

It’s almost become a game in its own right to make the list of games sold as exclusives, but whose contract durations are revealed in the trailers. If there were of course any doubts that Final Fantasy XVI would not a PlayStation 5 exclusive to eternal lifewe finally have some form of confirmation on its duration.

It doesn’t mean that Final Fantasy XVI will be available immediately on PC after six months of operation on Sony’s console, but Square Enix will technically have the option. For example, the version Intergrade of Final Fantasy VII went out on l’Epic Games Store 6 months after its release on PS5, almost to the day.

However, it is impossible to say whether this modality concerns only total exclusivityor console exclusive. 6 months later, it is quite possible that only la version PC is available in addition to the PS5 versionand Xbox gamers must still be patient. Even, change platform: Final Fantasy VII Remake is still not available on Microsoft consoles.

But then ? It will be necessary to count half a year from when ? Square Enix still hasn’t communicated output windowbut the producer Naoki Yoshida recently said at Famitsu that the publisher will share more information on the next installment of the license before the end of the year. A release date is probably not far away, since the development team indicates that Final Fantasy XVI is “95% finished”.


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