Sony Confirms PS3 Games Are Taken Off The Mobile and Desktop PlayStation Store

It will surely be going to bring in some disappointment for all the users who are using the mobile and desktop PlayStation Store to get PS3 games.

You must know that Sony recently confirms by sending out an email that a new PlayStation Store is all set to launch on the web as well as mobile between 21 October and 28 October.

So it means that the company is confirming that the PS3 games are being taken off of the mobile and desktop PlayStation Store.

Among so many other changes, the new update will not allow the users to purchase the PlayStation 3 games from the mobile and desktop PlayStation Store.

Along with the PlayStation 3 games, you will not be able to buy Vita games, PSP games, PlayStation 4 games, Themes, as well as Avatars. 

As per the latest details and reports from Sony, the new update or the new PlayStation Store will be up and running from any date between 21 October to 28 October.

The brand is communicating with the developers about the new and updated PlayStation Store which is launching for the web browsers on October 19, as the reports confirm.

The users will not be able to see the option to but PS3 games along with all the other stuff that we did mention before.

The PlayStation also has some of its own plans to remove the Wishlist function completely. So anything and everything that the users will currently have in their wishlists will vanish away and there will be nothing. 

Some users are not happy with Sony not letting them buy PS3 games, Vita games, PS4 games, themes, etc.

There are not any suggestions about changes to the PlayStation Store on the console. So you can directly get the content and games directly from PS3 or PS4. 


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