Sons Of The Forest How To Make Planks

Sons Of The Forest How To Make Planks:

In Sons of the Forest, which is a survival game, you can build your own base. This doesn’t just mean building a small shelter, though. Some players have built huge compounds with a lot of buildings.

You can build these things with the help of the Crafting Book, but you’ll require a lot of materials to do so. Planks are needed to build most of these buildings, so you’ll need a lot of them. We’ll demonstrate the process of creating pieces of wood in Sons of the Forest in this guide.

Planks are among the most useful crafting materials, if not the most useful. However, the game doesn’t tell you how to make them.

In Sons of the Forest, it’s pretty easy to make a plank. You only need an axe to start making wooden planks, which you get fairly shortly after starting the game.

What You Must Do To Chop Tree:

As soon as you get your main melee weapon, the axe, you’re ready to start cutting down trees, which you’ll need to do to make planks in the game.

How To Make Them Planks:

People who play Sons of the Forest often don’t know how to make planks. This is because making them is not explained in the game. The process is pretty easy, and all you have to do is gather logs.

To get logs, you have to cut trees down. You can get a few logs from each tree. You can cut down trees with the small axe you acquire at the beginning of the game.

But it is slow and weak, so we recommend getting the Modern Axe or Firefighter Axe instead. These two are much stronger and will quickly cut down trees. Getting the Chainsaw will speed things up even more.

After getting some logs, you have to put one on the ground. Then, go hold at the end of the log and get your axe. You have to change your aim until a red dotted line appears. When it shows up, click the left mouse button as well as your character will cut the log into planks.

How Many Planks Can Be Made From One Log:

You could get two planks from each log. So, you have to cut down a lot of trees to get a lot of them. You are able to utilize them to build things like the Small Log Cabin that need planks.

Don’t Cut Small Trees Down:

If you want to make planks, you should look for big trees instead of small plants and bushes, which will only give you a few sticks. You have to cut down some of the tall and medium-sized trees that are all over the island.


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