Sons Of The Forest, How To Construct A Birdhouse

Sons Of The Forest, How To Construct A Birdhouse:

The bow is one of the initial weapons that most players get in Sons of the Forest. This is the reason that you don’t have to go into a cave or bunker to get it. Instead, it may be made by putting together a few things.

But you need arrows to use a bow. And you need feathers to make them. In Sons of the Forest, you can do this by building a birdhouse, which can help you get a lot of feathers. Sons of the Forest can be played in a variety of manners. You can follow the story and explore the island, or you can build a strong home to protect yourself.

Even though a tent as well as a small fire might be fine at first, you’ll probably want to construct something a little more permanent that you can use as your long-term shelter to stay safe from the island’s dangers.

How To Construct A Birdhouse:

Sons of the Forest has a Crafting Book that lets you build Fish Traps, tree-houses, and a lot of other things. You can also construct the bird house with it. To do this, press the “B” key to open the book and hold the “X” key down to change the mode.

Click on the green icon at the top of the page when you have the book in your left hand to open the Shelter section. You’ll see a choice for “Traps” at the bottom. Choose it, and then use the scroll bar to locate the bird house.

You’ll need 18 sticks to construct a bird house. You can pick these up from the ground or use your Axe to cut down small trees to get them quickly. You can’t put a bird house on a tree, so you have to put a stick into to the ground first.

Then, go to the Crafting Book and select the bird house. Place the white building on the stick. If you have the sticks in your inventory, get it near the structure and keep pressing the “E” key until all the sticks are in place.

Once the bird house is built, lots of birds will come to visit, and you can kill them to get their feathers. Once you have feathers, you can make arrows for your bow out of them. We suggest that you construct no fewer than 5 bird houses all over your base to make the most money.

Getting Feathers:

You can get feathers in the game in two different ways. One is a less active way to do things, while the other takes some work.

  1. Kill birds and pick up their feathers.
  2. Construct a birdhouse and save feathers from the birds that use it.

Kill Birds:

The first and fastest way to get feathers is to just kill birds. Each time you do this, some few feathers would then fly up around where the bird had been hit. This can be very helpful in places where there are a lot of birds, but make sure you have a spear. It’s hard to kill birds with an axe without the extra range a spear gives you.


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