So, this time I’d be excited to have four or five catches for

Downhill: The QCBC Charter option is outstanding. Organizer Dixon Novy and his very able crew, led by “Big John” Gebelin, did a superb job of making sure busing out, camping, bike and gear transporting, signage and campground amenities were easily available. Hey, what’s not to like: coffee in the morning and dedicated porta potties (Kybos) at every site?.

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“The Morton County States Attorney’s office will pursue felony charges against the protesters who attached themselves to equipment due to the seriousness of the crime. Law enforcement officers are put in a dangerous situation when freeing these individuals, there is also a danger posed to DAPL, their workers and equipment along with the protester putting themselves also in a dangerous circumstance. We continue to encourage people to protest in peaceful and lawful manners,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier..

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