Smartphones with 200 megapixel cameras are coming soon. Are you interested ?

While it has been offering 108-megapixel sensors for smartphones for a while, Samsung ISOCELL introduced a new 200-megapixel sensor in September. Called ISOCELL HP1, this component could be a game-changer in the smartphone market.

Of course the number 1 interest is that it will allow the user to capture ultra-detailed images thanks to the resolution. But in addition to that, the sensor also takes advantage of a technique called pixel bining, which combines adjacent pixels to capture more light.

When the light is low, the sensor can take 12.5 megapixel images by generating 2.56μm pixels that were created by merging 16 adjacent (smaller) pixels. Otherwise, the user can take advantage of the 200 megapixels to take more details.

At the moment, it is not yet known which devices will use this sensor. But according to an Ice Universe post, a generally knowledgeable source, these would arrive next year.

What is amazing is that according to Ice Universe, it is not Samsung that will use this sensor first. In his tweet, he indicates that the 200 megapixel sensor will first be adopted by Moto, then by Xiaomi in the second half of 2022.

As for Samsung, it would not start using its 200 megapixel sensor until 2023!

No 200 megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S22 Ultra

According to Ice Universe, there will therefore be no 200 megapixel sensor on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the next flagship that Samsung will release in the first quarter of 2022. This one would be satisfied with a main sensor of 108 megapixels which will be an improved version of the one used by the S21 Ultra released this year. In addition, the S22 Ultra would also use the same ultra wide angle as its predecessor.

In essence, when it comes to the camera, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would therefore not benefit from significant improvements. On the other hand, in 2023, Samsung could go the extra mile by offering a Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200 megapixel sensor on the camera.

However, it should be remembered that the high number of pixels on a sensor does not necessarily guarantee that it will allow you to take good photos. If this is a plus, other parameters must be taken into account.


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