should you forbid your boss to contact you after work?

Since the start of the pandemic, millions of employees have been able to experiment with teleworking. If the latter has many benefits, it also sometimes generates discomfort in some, and many employees report a difficulty in differentiating their personal and professional life.

Portugal has just adopted a new law which aims to better regulate remote work. The idea is to allow employees to benefit from a better balance. According to Euronews, the text provides in particular that employers could be penalized if they contact their employees outside office hours.

The right to disconnect is recognized in France

Other devices have been included in this new regulation and in particular a contribution from companies to the costs incurred by teleworking, for example for electricity bills, or the necessary IT equipment. To cope with the isolation felt by some employees, companies are also required to organize on-site meetings at least every two months.

Parents have also not been forgotten. The latter will be able to telecommute from their home without having to make prior arrangements with their employers until their child reaches the age of eight.

However, this new legislative arsenal has some limitations. Our colleagues thus recall that the text will not apply to companies with less than ten employees. Likewise, the deputies did not wish to vote in favor of the right to disconnect, that is to say the possibility of not cutting off notifications outside working hours.

This principle has been recognized in France since 2016. However, it is not very restrictive and does not provide for any sanction for the employer in the event of non-compliance. The measure has since gained recognition internationally and the European Union is working on a continent-wide implementation. Some American states are also working on the subject, such as New York.


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