She confuses an AirPod with an ibuprofen pill, here’s what he recorded

When you think of the worst thing that has happened to us with AirPods, what immediately comes to mind are the few stories of colleagues who unintentionally threw their headphones in the trash, dropped them in the sand, in a well. artesian, on the metro tracks, or accidentally dropped them in the toilets before flushing the toilet.

All of these things, as ridiculous as they are, did happen and continue to happen every day. What’s rarer, on the other hand, is mistaking your AirPods for something edible, like medicine. Yet that’s exactly what happened to influencer @iamcarliiib on TikTok.

She then makes a call… the AirPod was still connected to the smartphone, from her stomach

She recounts her misadventure in a series of short videos. We spare you the entire timeline that you can go directly to TikTok. But, to sum it up, when she first realized that one of her AirPods was now in her stomach, the video that followed was devastating to say the least – with what that may involve crying, screaming. and confused explanations.

Anyway, after the shock, our influencer went to the doctor who confirmed with a radio that one of her AirPods was in her stomach. She then makes a call to a friend to tell him about her mishap. Except that what she had forgotten was that the AirPods inside her stomach had remained connected to her smartphone.

Suddenly, what his interlocutor really heard is a gurgling of words and gurgling. You can also listen to the result via the TikTok video below:


Reply to @k4yb3e here’s the VOICE MEMO sent to @jelb0_

♬ original sound – Carli B

The story ended rather well. After a few days, the influencer ‘s doctor was able to confirm that the foreign body had left her intestines. @iamcarliiib nevertheless assures that she did not recover the AirPod in question. Besides, would she really have dared to continue using it if she had been able to recover the accessory? We are entitled to ask the question …

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Aside from the fun nature of this story, it doesn’t need to be pointed out that while Apple doesn’t say so explicitly on the box, it is strongly advised not to swallow your AirPods. As small as they are, headphones can cause serious problems like obstructions, trying to pass through the gastric system.

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