Shazam 2: this is what the new superhero costume looks like

The continuation of the adventures of Shazam is not planned for now. However, the filming of the film has already started. The opportunity to discover the new costume that Zachary Levi will wear in this second part entitled Shazam! Fury of the Gods.


Shazam! released in theaters in April 2019. It tells the story of Billy Batson, a 14 year old teenager who inherited a very special power. It suffices for him to shout Shazam! to take the form of a superhero. And his skills are impressive to say the least. Colossal strength, insensitivity to bullets, supersonic speed… You still have to learn to tame them while the formidable Dr Thaddeus Sivana prowls around.

After a first part hailed by critics, DC Films is working on a sequel. This one will be called Shazam! Fury of the Gods and will be the fourteenth film in the DC Cinematic Universe. Note, however, that it is not ready to land in theaters since it is supposed to be released on May 31, 2023. Filming has in any case started well in Atlanta on May 26. The opportunity for director David F. Sandberg to post a short video on Twitter. This suggests that the costume of the superhero has evolved.

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Shazam 2: a new costume for a more mature superhero?

We can thus distinguish gilding encrusted on his boots and forearms. But the sequence is (on purpose) far too dark to get a clear idea of ​​Shazam’s new outfit. Fortunately, more photos from the shoot have leaked on social media. On the color side, we stay on red and gold shades. It is also noted that the costume is no longer padded, being worn very close to the body. As for the cape, it does not appear on the pictures but it is likely that it will be integrated later by the teams.

Moreover, the lightning is no longer yellowish and blends perfectly into the panoply of Shazam. Would this more sober and stylized outfit be a sign that the superhero has reached the age of reason? In this second installment, Shazam is expected to be grappling with Atlas’s offspring, namely Hespera and Kalypso. Which will be played by Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu respectively.


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