SFR torpedoes its rivals, its fiber is 10 euros per month

If you want to save money on your Internet box, now is the time to go. SFR and its counterpart RED by SFR are taking advantage of the weekend to bring down the price of their respective offers. The first displays fiber at only 10 euros per month. The second is 25 euros, but it has the advantage of being non-binding. Either way, you get really compelling discounts.

See the offer at SFR

While the change of Internet box could still seem complex a few years ago, the transition is now carried out very easily. In a few minutes, you will be able to take out a new internet subscription, cancel your current offer – and not even have an interruption. Any termination fees are covered by your new ISP, so you can rest assured.

The only small condition to be eligible for the two offers which are detailed below: to be a new customer. If you are already a SFR customer, it goes without saying that you will not be able to take advantage of the discount displayed below. The same goes for RED by SFR. This only concerns the fixed part: if you are a mobile customer, you can still access these special offers.

SFR, a mini price for your box

SFR clearly wins the prize for the best Internet box. It is illustrated with a very complete triple-play offer for an ultra-affordable price. No rival includes so many options for such a price. Right now it’s his formula SFR Fiber Limited Series that must be chosen from the ISP to achieve drastic savings. We can only encourage you to go for it.

This Limited Series Internet box costs 10 euros per month for fiber and very high speed (up to 500 Mb / s for downloading and sending), unlimited calls to landlines and 160 TV channels (with the decoder included). You have everything you need with this internet subscription, its value for money is simply excellent and it presents itself as the best deals of the last 5 years.

To see this SFR Internet box, it’s here:

See the offer at SFR

This Internet box costs 10 euros per month for one year – and the price is guaranteed by SFR for the entire period. Its usual price being 38 euros, the year comes back to you at 120 euros instead of 456 euros – in other words monstrous savings. After this time, the price goes back to the base level. However, it remains competitive even after the first year if we compare it with the competition.

Like other SFR Internet boxes, this offer requires a one-year commitment. This remains a detail since it is during the first year that the price is the most attractive. After that, you are free to go for a rival when the price goes up: you can cancel without proof. The supplier offers formulas in its two ranges entitled Fiber and Power. You can add a powerful Box 8 option which is however not very convincing.

Otherwise, as we have already said above, SFR can cover up to 100 euros in termination fees. It’s the little surprise that is nice to see. In this way, you can make a transition to your offer at the ISP without having to put your hand in your pocket. The operation in progress ending soon, we can only advise you to act quickly to take advantage of this extra offer at 10 euros per month.

RED by SFR, an efficient Internet box

RED by SFR’s Internet box is not left out this weekend, it also benefits from a price reduction. Without commitment, this formula is flexible and easy to understand. The current promotion ends on Monday, October 4 at midnight, the price will go up at that time, we must also take action as soon as possible.

RED by SFR is promoting an Internet box at a price of 25 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending) with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, 35 TV channels and 10 GB of cloud storage. Once again, we find this offer very complete for its price.

To find out more about the RED by SFR Internet box, it’s here:

See the offer at RED by SFR

This Internet box is 40 euros per month when it is not on promotion, the first year thus comes to 300 euros instead of 480 euros. The big advantage of this formula is that its price does not double or triple after 12 months and remains stable over time. If you want an inexpensive box in the medium and long term, this is the offer not to be missed this weekend.

For the TV option, you have 2 choices with this Internet box. By default, you can view 35 channels from an application (mobile or Smart TV). To have it on your traditional TV, you will have to take the decoder at 19 euros – knowing that its usual price is 60 euros. For 100 channels, the total price is 28 euros per month, or 3 euros more. As the offer is non-binding, you can cancel at RED by SFR whenever you want. We remind you that the discount ends on Monday, do not wait any longer.


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