Sex Education: Top 3 Ultra Metamorphosed Characters On Netflix!

The last season of Sex Education available on Netflix will have allowed 3 secondary characters to impose themselves on the small screen.

Season 3 of Sex Education brought its share of surprises to Netflix. Today, the editorial team unveils the 3 characters who metamorphosed in the last few episodes. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A season 3 full of surprises

Released on September 17 on Netflix, the 3rd season of Sex Education was rich in twists and turns. Indeed, a new principal has landed within the high school of Moordale.

And the least we can say is that this one was ready for anything in order to end the school of sex. Hope Haddon even imposed strict rules within the establishment.

And this, to the chagrin of the students. Corn far from wanting to let it go, they ended up rebelling against this unacceptable oppression.

Lack of luck, this heroic act will have brought the school to its demise. Eh yes ! The school is well and truly doomed to disappear. It remains to be seen what will be in store for the next season.

In any case, one thing is certain, is that the writers have worked hard to give a whole new look to this 3rd adventure.

Especially at the level of the characters. Three of them have also had the opportunity to impose themselves a little more on the screen. To the delight of viewers.

Indeed, Adam, Ruby and Michael have changed a lot during the last episodes. And if they were among the antagonists of Sex Education, they are now very popular with aficionados.

So much so that some fans would even prefer that young Otis abandons Maeve for Olivia and Anwar’s friend. Eh yes ! The polls are formal. Ruby is the new favorite! MCE TV tells you more!

The transformation of Adam, Michael and Ruby in Sex Education

Adam is one of the main characters at to have known a metamorphosis. Despicable in season 1, he quickly found a place in the hearts of aficionados.

And for a very simple reason. Her father’s behavior and her unfulfilled sexuality drew sympathy. On the one hand, fans realized that the young man was unhappy.

On the other hand, that he did not dare to display himself as he was. Corn her love affair with Eric All the same, he will have allowed him to win! So much so that he is now a very different person compared to season 1 of Sex Education.

And that’s not all ! He does seem to want to improve. Moreover, he no longer hesitates to defend his friends and shout loudly that he is part of the LGBT + community. Well done Adam!

For his part, the father of the latter also tries to become a better man. And this, for the simple reason that it is more and more unhappy since his separation.

This ultimatum will have made him aware of many things. And he seems determined to change!

He was also not prayed to cut the cackle of his brother during season 3. Once again, it is her painful past and her miserable life that make Michael likeable.

Finally, Ruby is THE character who seems to have won over viewers. The reason ? The last episodes of Sex Education allowed aficionados to enter the intimacy of this young woman who seems to be hiding her game well.

Far from the horrifying high school girl she could embody, she is now a generous teenager with a hurt heart. Poor Ruby …