Sex Education (Netflix): the trailer for season 3 finally revealed!

She has arrived … After months of waiting, Netflix has revealed the unseen season 3 of the cult series Sex Education. MCE TV reveals it to you.

The new Sex Education Trailer has finally arrived on Netflix and it already promises wonders. MCE TV unveils it to you without further delay.

Sex Education is back for a season 3

Never two without three… On September 17th, so get ready to explode with laughter. By discovering the unseen season 3 of the Netflix series, Sex Education.

In a few days, Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa). And Maeve (Emma Mackey) are back. To play bad tricks on you. After months of waiting, viewers will finally be able to follow the sequel to their favorite series. It was time.

Popular with the public, the series Sex Education has enjoyed immense popularity. In France. And in the countries where it was broadcast. And we understand why.

This Tuesday, September 7, Netflix has finally put online the very first official trailer. It marks the start of this season 3. Yes.

And the least we can say is that this season 3 is therefore that of all the changes. Indeed, a new principal will enter high school. And she’s insane.

And the latter is none other than Hope. She is played by actress Jemima Kirke, who previously played the delicious Jessa Johannson in the Girls TV series. Netflix has therefore recruited a badass heroine, for a series that is just as bad.

Sex Education (Netflix) - Season 3 Trailer Finally Revealed!
Sex Education (Netflix) – Season 3 Trailer Finally Revealed!

Sex Education season 3 is one of all the changes

The principal has one and only mission: to restore order in the establishment and return Moordale on the right path in order to make it a high school of excellence. And there is work ahead.

As we can see in the trailer just below, the young woman will have a hard time. Indeed, it will put in place measures so that the school is no longer a “school of sex”.

The Sex Education trailer revealed by Netflix, allowed viewers to notice changes in the characters. Starting with Otis. He now discusses a mustache.

And he is not the only one to have radically changed. Her crush, Maeva, opted for bangs. She took the opportunity to remove her pink hair which made her a badass character, with a tender heart. Eh yes.

In the last episode of Sex Education, season 2, Otis declared his flame to Maeve. But the latter had not deigned to respond to his message. A missed shot.

For their part, Eric and Adam have therefore decided to formalize their romantic relationship. And the latter is not likely to make that happy. Adam’s mother will take a very dim view of this relationship … Otis’ mom, played by Gillian Anderson, is going to have to deal with a pregnancy that she had not planned. Ouch.

Season 3 of Sex Education will air exclusively on Netflix on Friday, September 17, starting at 3 a.m. French time. Fans of the series have already planned to make a sleepless night. In order to devour all the episodes of season 3.

As a reminder, season 2 of Sex Education had therefore achieved records audience. The reason, a 5-star cast, intrigues rooted in reality. And a lot of self-mockery.