Selena Gomez: her fans revive the rumors of a couple with Chris Evans!

Rumors are starting again about Selena Gomez and Chris Evans. Their fans are convinced that they are living a love story.

Selena Gomez fans are increasingly confident that she is dating actor Chris Evans. And thanks to one of Taylor Swift’s videos, their respective communities are racing again. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Selena Gomez very discreet about her private life

For two months now, rumors have been swirling around Selena Gomez and Chris Evans. Rumors that the two stars would go out together.

As neither of them confided in this matter, the fans then decided to investigate themselves. And they don’t go through the smallest detail.

For good reason, when Selena Gomez posts photos or videos, fans of the singer scrutinize everything from A to Z. The clothes, the reflections in the windows, the mirrors, and the different emotions of the young singer.

Moreover, some fans of the interpreter of Ice Cream claim to have seen the reflection of a dark-haired man in a TikTok video of the star. They quickly made the connection between the two stars.

Indeed, it is increasingly plausible that a birth story between Selena Gomez and Chris Evans. For good reason, lately, celebrities were seen together in a restaurant of the Angels.

If the singer and the actor thought they were entitled to a little respite from these rumors, it was without counting on Taylors Swift’s TikTok. Yep, the two friends had fun doing a little behind-the-scenes video from Saturday Night Live this week-end.

One thing is for sure this video rekindled the rumors of a possible couple between the beautiful brunette and the famous Captain America. MCE TV tells you more!

Selena Gomez: Her Fans Think She's Really Dating Chris Evans!
Selena Gomez: Her Fans Think She’s Really Dating Chris Evans!

The suspicions between the beautiful brunette and Chris Evans are confirmed

Rumors have been rife for several months regarding a possible relationship between Selena Gomez and Chris Evans. And thanks to Taylor Swift’s TikTok, the suspicions are starting to be confirmed.

This weekend, Selena Gomez decided to accompany her best friend on Saturday Night Live. Behind the scenes, the two young women took part in a TikTok challenge. And it did not take more to relaunch the rumors between Selena Gomez and Chris Evans.

The reason is very simple. On the video, the 29-year-old singer wears a sweater strangely resembling that of the actor.

But that’s not all, on his side, Chris Evans is also fueling his rumors. On his Instagram account, the actor then posted a video of him playing the piano.

In the background of the video, fans then make out a barely visible reflection resembling according to them to that of the singer. But everything remains to be proven.

The majority of their fans remain convinced that they are trying at all costs to preserve their romance. As a matter of fact on the heart side, it’s dead calm for Selena Gomez for a while.

Indeed, after her relationship with Justin Bieber or The Weekend, the singer has always remained very discreet about his private life.

So all are these coincidences a matter of chance or of a real relationship? Case to follow.


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